11 Eloquent Steps To Rolling The Perfect Joint- A Stoner’s Guide!


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Let’s face it. All of us have tried to come up with a perfectly rolled joint at some point. But not all of them have experienced success. And while many do mix tobacco (be it bitter in taste or flavoured one) with the beautiful and aromatic one- there is no such rule! What you do need to ensure is that you pick the right cigarette rolling paper (33 Tabac, Rips & Tips, Sexy Spliffs, etc.), a crusher, a lighter, a rolling tray, good quality weed…(& quality tobacco if you wish to mix).

Now that is sorted, be sure to follow these steps below to learn how to roll the perfect joint at your first-go!

  1. You can begin by pre-rounding the paper and rolling it between the fingers.
  2. Look to fold your chosen rolling paper into the quarters length-wise!
  3. Next, roll the paper and ensure you achieve a proper U-shape.
  4. The next step includes preparing the crutch (or the roach /joint butt). You can either use a pre-made one or cutting small-piece of the index or business card and folding the crutch ‘in an accordion style’ of 3-4 times and then roll it.
  5. Once that is ready, look to put the crutch halfway into your chosen rolling paper.
  6. Insert the ground bud/flower into the rolling paper and then spread it uniformly. You can also look to add tobacco to the mix.
  7. Pick up the rolled paper containing the cannabis and roll it gently like moving your fingers from left to right.
  8. Ensure your fingers are near the filter. The closer it is, the better.
  9. Look to gently roll the paperback and forth to ensure the paper tip crosses the filter.

(You Are Almost There…)

     10. Keep rolling between your fingers till the paper is pulled tightly and that the edges can be folded along with the tip.

11. If the rolled-up part appears again, put back the parts fallen out of the open end and then lick thoroughly over the glue layer sealing. Once that is done, hold it upright from the filter end and tap on the flat surface to compact the cannabis and push back the filter in so that your joint is reinforced properly.

There you have it- 11 steps to roll the perfect shaped joint! One last thing of advice is always to take time in picking best-in-class rolling papers as the quality of your joint depends on it. So, look to purchase it from a reputed Rolling Paper For Tobacco supplier in your area- known for keeping the best-rated products in the market. It will guarantee one eutrophic smoking experience!



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