2 Popular CCTV Variants to Protect Your Property from Pesky Thieves


CCTV Variants

After 2015, there has been a lot of robbery (1,000,000) taking place all across Australia. Plus there are conclusive evidences pointing towards Au$ 1.15B of property damages. And, yes that ‘B’ implies in Billions.

The worst part of it all is that these robberies show no signs of reducing. If anything, the number of these ill-acts keeps rising with every passing phase. And since it is not humanly possible to solve or mitigate all these robberies at once; you may be wondering if there’s a better way to prevent such unwanted intrusion.

Off-course there is. There are so many suppliers who offer high -end security systems with advanced technologies to safeguard your property from thugs 24*7.

If you wish to secure a good CCTV security setup at Perth, then here are two highly popular variants that you should know about.

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  1. 1*8 Channel Network Video Recorder With 4K viewing

This CCTV variant is popularly used by certified Perth professionals in and around the Perth metro region. This CCTV set-up consists of 3TB hard drive, around 4*6 MP night/day HD Turret Cams for outstanding recording.

Other prime specs of this exclusive CCTV package include:

  • Security Cables, 22” LED Monitor With HDMI Cable
  • Compatibility with Smartphones, Tablets and Even Desktops Right From Any Given Location.
  • Unbeatable 12-Months Warranty On Labour And 36 Months Warranty On Camera Parts
  1. M15D Housing CCTV set-up

Another quality variant that you can opt for is this M15D housing CCTV camera. As a beneficiary, you will get:

  • A Couple Of Lens; That Too Of Your Preference And Suitability Of Your Environment
  • Raytec Vario Infra Tech Red Illuminator
  • Power Supplies And POE Switch
  • Cabling And Installation

What Other Perks Do You Get Out of These CCTV packages?

  • Both these variants are easy to use and upkeep
  • Highly responsive with Android and iOS smart devices
  • Consists of advanced networking facility allowing you to keep a close watch over your property; anytime -anywhere!
  • Quality cameras with Mega IP system to transmit clear vision right throughout the day
  • Last but not the least; these office/home alarm security system in Perth has budget-friendly rates. Plus they also come with quality check-up reports from the manufacturer and an easy to follow instruction manual.

Sorting Out Your Ideal Supplier

There are countless suppliers in the market who supply quality CCTV home/office cameras! But as not all are reliable; you need to use these tips to find a trustworthy one.

  • Start checking their online presence and customer s satisfaction record
  • Next move over to their collection of CCTV, home alarm and even intercom set-ups. Go through all the specs, and if you have any doubt, you can always speak to these agency representatives.
  • Also, go through their picture gallery to get a precise idea about their variety of security camera set-ups.
  • Lastly, inspect their costing and also remember to compare these rates with other top-suppliers in the market.

 Do use these tips to sort out your countable supplier. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across the two variants mentioned. They are popular models, and they will feature in many successful CCTV/home alarm systems.



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