2020 Renovation trends to an Eye on when hiring Bathroom Renovators


Bathrooms form an utmost important and serene component of our home. Being an abode of relaxation and comfort, a bathroom is something that needs to be top class. It gives you a sheer sense of tranquility and makes you calm.

Bathroom renovators work towards increasing your comfort and style statement. Local bathroom renovators in Wynnum around the Brisbane area are all set to serve this purpose. Working within the set budget and transforming the space into a surreal area is something they excel in.

Here is the list of trends you got to know before renovating your bathroom

  • If you are thinking of getting your bathroom renovated, then the use of vibrant hues can transform your bathroom into a trendy zone. The 2020 colour of the year is a shade of blue called Pantone. Besides, adding different hues of mint and white is a great idea altogether!
  • Hollywood boudoir glam to suit your passion and elegance will add a great sense of style and upliftment when it comes to renovating your bathroom. It is a great complimentary to your bathrooms.
  • Energize and activate your space using sonic color forecasts. It is a very latest trend which helps to relax, rejuvenate and leaves you active for a long time! It is an imperative for a vacuum which aids sound to produce the desired results. It looks so trendy that you simply cannot resist ending in your bathroom way too often!
  • Beautiful Peacock Teal inspired designs adds a gorgeous feel! Use of peacock’s plumes as your interiors while carrying out bathroom renovations in Wynnum. Your bathroom will return a feel of nature. It is bound to impress you and your guests at umpteen times.  You can add props resembling the peacock’s plume and use tiny bulbs in place of the ‘feather eye’.
  • Brutalism accompanied by an amazing matte finish is also a great bathroom trend this year. A storehouse of colors, textures, and materials is sure to sync and match to align with your personality. Using small succulents around your sink area will act as an eye-catcher!
  • Adding shades of truffle-inspired works leaves you awe-struck. A zone of calm and serenity makes the whole place return a great feel. It also adds a glimpse of minimalism! Adding minimalist patterns of showerhead and faucet would be a great idea too!
  • Blending patterns of creativity with chaste designs is another approach to renovate your bathroom. The use of several forms of art, creativity, function, and perception collectively creates a masterpiece when blended!
  • The use of mandala and geometric patterns to recreate your dedicated space into a phenomenal one is so easy to achieve! This is an upcoming trend that will rejuvenate your bathroom with excellence and art.

Hence, there is an absolute need for renovation for your bathrooms to keep up with modern times!



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