3 Major Parcel Delivery Mistakes That May Cost You a Fortune


Delivering a parcel via courier is indeed a cost-effective, hassle-free and quick way of door-to-door shipment. The mode of courier shipment might not always be a van but a maxi taxi as well.

However, nature and type of goods may vary and therefore, you need to ensure top-notch packaging so that your product reaches the destination safely and in a ‘damage-free’ state.

This blog is to make you aware of common parcel delivery mistakes so that you can easily avoid unwanted hassle or stress.

Not Securing Goods by Padding

A study carton and proper padding are two vital things that reduce chances of damage during transit and keep your valuable items in proper shape. If you choose maxi taxi hire in Keysborough for sending a parcel to your loved one, you need to select a box depending upon the nature and size of your material. In case the material is a delicate one, you need to ensure there is 5-6cm padding (preferably with bubble wraps, craft paper etc.) around the item failure of which your item can jump out of the box or even get damaged.

Oversealing the Box

Most people think overpacking helps in protecting goods and end up causing damage to their pricey item. Whether it’s a fragile item or a regular material, overpacking can exert too much pressure on the item and increase chances of damage or breakage. Therefore, professional companies offering taxi for hire in Dandenong always recommend clients to tape along the seam and edges of the flaps using good-quality adhesives to ensure the product are safe from damage.

Not Mentioning the Receiver’s Address

One of the major blunders people make while shipping parcel is not mentioning the receiver’s detail on top of the box. What’s the point of shipping an item investing your ‘hard-earned’ money if it doesn’t reach the destined location? Mentioning contact details of the receiver on top of a box helps a lot at times when the courier provider find trouble in locating the address. They can easily dial the number mentioned on top of the box and get proper direction from the receiver for delivering the parcel.

Hope now you are aware of the key factors you need to keep in mind while delivering a parcel through courier. If you like this post, do share your feedback and comments with us. We would love to hear from you!



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