3 Photo Booth Backdrop Options To Sparkle Your Shindig Photos


Photo booth arrangements have become an essential part of most parties these days. It is a welcome addition to occupy the guests and keep the fun-quotient alive and kicking. Plus, they also lend your party shots an appreciative visual thrust!

Most photo booth service providers offer these backdrop options as a part of their complimentary deal. And though you will probably find a litany of amazing backdrops to sparkle all your party pictures, three of them particularly stand out.


It is a popular choice for party lovers throughout Sydney mainly to dazzle the entire party to shine up the event. They are mainly available in glitzy Golden, Silver and Black backdrops to bring out a picture perfect-scenery (literally) to lens lock those special moments!

You can adjust the height and width of the backdrop as per the requirement of the event. And quality photo booth providers who offer Sequin backdrop hire in Sydney for various events, ensure that it fits in 15-20 people. They are also suitable for both open and closed photo booths, thus giving every participant full liberty to bring out their loony side in that glitzy backdrop.

(Best Suited For):- Bachelorette parties, Halloween celebrations and even Corporate events.


Light floral backdrops (which is opposite to the glitzy and glamorous sequin backdrops) add freshness to your shots. You will find floral backdrops full of gorgeous flowers in different shades in photo booth rentals, and that makes things all the more interesting.

These floral backdrops are perfectly knitted against its base, and they come in contrasting colour combinations. You can get both light and dark shaded floral backgrounds- best suited to your different poses.

(Best Suited For):- Weddings, Anniversaries, Engagements, Birthdays and any other special occasion!


Lastly, to enhance your pictures; you can opt for green screen backdrops. The unique thing about them is that it gives out the essence of outdoor shooting inside the indoor environment studio. Also, the technology in use ensures you can add numerous layers to your pictures. Green screen backdrops have always been one popular technique in the filming and photography sector. With time, they have also become very popular in the domestic sector- mainly for personal, social and corporate celebratory events. So, it goes without saying that green screen backdrops will be something every photo booth participant will love.

(Best Suited For:-) Honorary events, corporate appraisal or fund-raiser events and even teen birthday parties.

Capping Off:

Now you know about the three popular backdrop options presented by photo booth hire service providers in Sydney at cost-effective rates. Each of them will bring a different charm to your party shots. And all you to decide is which one to choose.

So, what’s it gonna be? (You can off-course always choose all of them to spice things up more for your event. Don’t think anyone will complain).



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