3 Reasons Why Automatic Driving Lessons are So Effective for Newbies


Learning to drive is not as easy as it sounds. You have to keep in mind all the necessary skills such as controlling and turning your car as well as safe driving techniques. Moreover, you have to learn all the rules and behaviour of the road, and you have to have a sharp mind to be able to identify hazards at the onset. It may be that you are doubtful about the type of vehicle you want to drive in the future. You will have two choices in driving lessons, manual and automatic, and whatever you choose will decide your driving ability in the near future.

This choice will determine your level of comfort and confidence behind the wheel and in turn, will influence your overall learning experience. It will say how fast you learn and how confident you are taking it to the road.

Driving manual may be difficult at the first attempt. It is a more complicated learning method which you’d not want to adapt. However, when you are learning to drive in an automatic car, your learning experience will be simplified, and you would be able to spend an efficient as well as enjoyable time learning the intricacies of driving. There are advantages of learning with a manual vehicle as well, but here are three reasons why automatic driving lessons are so practical for newbies:

1. Automated driving makes for a more straightforward learning experience

Automatic transmission ensures that you have simpler driving experience. From the moment you get in the car, the pressure is lifted. In a manual transmission, you have to hold the clutch down while starting the ignition, and while driving, you have to juggle between clutch and gear when you want to increase or decrease speed. However, in an automatic car, this process is internal and automated, which gives you more time to focus on the road and traffic and makes room for better communication with your driving instructor.

2. The automatic transmission is more prevalent in Australia

In some parts of the world, the manual transmission is still in use. However, in Australia, automatic cars are far more common than manually driven vehicles. If your family owns a vehicle that is a few years old, chances are its electronic. Also, more driving schools in Blacktown offer automated driving lessons, and in most cases, opting for the manual driving lesson is going to cost you more because of the limited number of manual instructors.

3. You can avoid stalling the car in the traffic

In most cases, the learner drivers shy away from driving lessons because they’re afraid of stalling the car in Busy traffic. Also, if you are learning to operate in a big city like Melbourne or Sydney or any other city with a continuous flow of traffic, or in a hilly region where you need to start and stop a lot, an automatic transmission will save you from the fear of stalling. It is not possible for an automatic transmission to stall, as the mechanism is different from the manual, where the car needs input from the driver through the clutch.

When enrolling yourself in a driving school in Wetherill park, you should check with your instructor about your unique needs and he or she will decide your personalized lesson plan accordingly. In the context of Australia, manual driving is not a feasible option, and you should go for the automatic driving lesson blindfolded. But don’t take it too literally. Keep your eyes on the road!



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