3 Reasons Why Your iPhone 7 is Not Charging Properly


You have plugged in your iPhone 7 to charge overnight, but you wake up in the morning and see your device is out of charge!! That’s quite weird! Yes, you might be recalling that you did put your phone on charge, but what’s this? Your iPhone 7 is not turning on??? 

Well, iPhone 7 not charging or charging too slow than expected isn’t a new issue though! However, before blaming the device, you need to check whether you are making any of these mistakes listed below. 

Let’s jump in straight! 

Charging Port is Full of Dirt & Debris?

One of the primary reasons to encounter iPhone 7 won’t charge is a clogged charging port. Dirt, debris, pocket lint may seem to be too silly an issue for a reason behind battery not charging but these can be serious culprits behind iPhone not charging issue. Dirt can obstruct the charging cable from fitting into the iPhone and you end up with a dead battery. So the first thing you should do is clean off dirt from your charging port with a mild toothbrush or a toothpick and then try charging your device.



USB Cable is Broken or Damaged Completely?

You may have yanked on your USB cable a bit hard or perhaps it’s been pressed by a leg of your chair. Either way, the pressure was too much and the USB wires have gone for a toss. Even a slightest of damage in your USB port can prevent your iPhone from charging. 

Also, if the USB cable is fraying or torn, there can be a problem in charging. Whatever the case may be, if you find the charging cable in a deteriorated condition, look no further other than hiring professional technicians for effective iPhone repairs in Brisbane.

Don’t Forget to Inspect the Wall Socket Too!

Sometimes, the problem lies in your wall sockets and that’s what prevents your phone from getting charged. If the ductwork of the wall sockets isn’t that strong or damaged, charging plug will not fit into it and eventually, your iPhone won’t charge. In case, you have connected the USB cable to your computer port or laptop port that is already defected, your device will fail to establish a proper connection and will not get charged.

Check whether you are encountering any of the issues mentioned above. If so, don’t delay to hire a technician to resolve your iPhone 7 battery not charging problems to enjoy an uninterrupted performance.



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