3 Security Mistakes That You Should Avoid at Gated Communities


To attract and retain potential buyers for your property, you must invest in a full-proof security system for your gated community. As the owner of the complex, it’s your priority to look after the security of the city. Be wary of any security mistakes that will inversely affect the value of your property and repel new residents from the community. You should be able to shield your gated community from outside dangers and make sure that you avoid these mistakes to protect your reputation and your residents.


  1. Unsecured Entry Points – You should not overlook to guard any of the entry points to your gated community. Securing an entry point is not just about putting a gate in place – it is rather about securing your gate with security personnel. Sophisticated armed robbers can technologically manipulate electrically controlled gates. If a barrier is your only line of defence, it may not hold up in such situations. Make sure to employ a security guard at every gate and order them to make a note of everyone going in and out.
  2. Lack of direct security contact – You should be able to provide a means to the residents that will put them in direct contact with security personnel. This will give them the power to notify the security guards whenever they come to see anything out of the ordinary. Without direct contact with the security system, intruders will be able to run amok in the gated community even after residents has noted their unusual presence. The residents should be able to represent their perspective as soon as something strange takes place to ensure immediate response on the part of the security officers.
  3. Absence of Security Personnel – Burglars and other criminals keep a tab on the community for a security breach that they can exploit. Veteran criminals study the location a lot before committing any crime, and you make the gated community vulnerable when you allow a security guard for even temporary leave. They should be present at all the access points at all times to keep every aspect of the security in check. You should ask the security guard service in Brisbane that you have hired about the shifts of their work before employing them. You should schedule the shifts optimally to make sure that no access point is left unmanned by the security guard at your deploy.

You should be able to hire a security guard in Brisbane who would be providing optimum security for your gated community. To find out the most reputed agency that provides security guards at your locality, you should look for recommendations from similar properties as well as to conduct thorough internet research before employing one among them. Consult with the security agency from beforehand about all the potential security breaches to stay one step ahead. Make sure that you allocate the responsibilities properly, check visitor logs daily and communicate with the security officials for a comprehensive security solution for your gated community.



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