3 Smart Bond Cleaning Tips That Can Help You Qualify Your Lease Inspection


Vacate cleaning is an arduous task to most homeowners due to the effort, time and patience involved throughout the process. If you are not a cleaning expert and your work shift isn’t that flexible, end of lease cleaning can give you nightmares.

Property owners do not entertain single damage or untidiness at the time of lease inspection. Therefore, it’s essential to follow a systemised approach to make lease cleaning quick, safe and hassle-free.

This blog highlights a few nifty tips that will make your lease cleaning quick and hassle-free.

Get Rid of Junk & Unwanted Stuff

Junk items do not necessarily mean scrap papers, plastic bottles or mats. It can be your worn out floor mats, old books, magazines, make up items and any item that you no longer need.

When it comes to relocation, there’s no point in carrying your unwanted stuff to your new home. Instead, it would be wise to dispose of your stuff or donate your old clothes to the needy people.

Prepare a Detailed Cleaning Checklist

A checklist helps a lot in organising your cleaning task better. List down all the areas that require special attention such as bathroom floors, kitchen sink, benchtops, furniture, ceilings, upholstery so that you don’t end up with a mess at the hour of rush.

Besides common areas, include neglected areas such as walls, curtains, kitchen shelves, cornices etc. to minimise chances of getting your bond on hold.

Pay Attention While Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpet is one of the prime areas of inspection and so, you can’t afford to leave your carpet filthy. If your carpet has developed stains, dirt, grease or mould, you need to remove them before the lease inspection so that it doesn’t put your bond on hold.

However, if you find it difficult to treat stubborn stains on your own, you can always hire professional carpet cleaners who can do the task on your behalf

Hire Professional Bond Cleaners for 100% Bond Back

Vacate cleaning in Brunswick is slightly different from regular house cleaning as it’s a more precise and detailed job.

Tenants who prefer DIY lease cleaning often end up with financial loss and that’s why hiring professional vacate cleaners is wise. Having years of experience and expertise, they know what landlords actually want and apply modern cleaning techniques so that you get 100% bond refund.

Don’t let vacate cleaning in Prahran seize your mental peace. Instead, hire reliable bond cleaners who can do the task with perfection and care at a reasonable cost.



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