3 Strong Reasons Why Written Content is Better than Video or Audio Content


Online video or audio content has been ruling the content marketing industry over the past few years. People love watching videos or listen to online audios such as podcasts in their spare time.

Realizing the popularity of video streaming channels, content marketers have been investing in digital marketing services for creating video or audio content since long.

However, the benefits of written content can’t be denied when it comes to accessing information or analysing facts and figures on the web. It’s not possible to get everything covered in a single video or audio. Moreover, written content is easily accessible on all platforms and do not face buffering or loading issues, unlike a video or audio.

Check out some amazing benefits of written content that you might have missed out before!

Written Content is Time Saving and Cost Effective

While recording a video, you mainly focus on the surroundings and background that contributes to the quality of the content. Sometimes, you shell out money for hiring ambassadors or professionals to add glamour in the video. To prepare all this, you require expensive setup and costly makeup accessories that becomes a constraint at times when your budget is low.

When it comes to written content, you can set aside all these factors and hire web content writing services in Perth at an affordable price. While it’s essential to search for attractive ways to present written content, there are little requirements for making it look appealing. The content writers usually experiment with fonts, colours, alignment and spacing to create stellar content.

Written Content Can be Found Easily

In audio or video, you can’t search for keywords, unlike a written content. For example, if you want to learn how to fix a technical error in your laptop, you will find an article with detailed troubleshooting steps rather than a video.

With video or audio, it becomes difficult to identify whether the information you are searching for is a part of the video or not unless it has a caption that specifies the content of the video. On the other hand, audio files are not easily searchable. Some people do not even have the patience to listen to the entire file and skip to the next option.

Less Editing Required Compared to Other Media Files

Editing audios or videos require expertise and profound skills. Moreover, it takes time and patience to attain perfection. Sometimes, you might not have specialized software necessary to edit the files and search for a renowned online marketing agency in Perth to do the job for you.

Whereas, in the case of written content, it takes hardly a few minutes to proofread and edit the files. Moreover, it is easy to go through written content instead of spending hours to edit other media files.

While each media file comes with its own set of benefits, quality content with catchy words, facts and references make it convenient to connect with your target audience in a flicker of time.



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