3 Stubborn Stains to Remove From Your Carpet Immediately!


Your expensive home carpet always feels nice when you walk over them. 

But when it comes to stubborn stains- then HOLY CANNOLI… they have a hard time letting go of your carpet surface.

Some carpet stains, once dried; proves impossible to remove. And if left untreated for a long time, those very stains can make your expensive carpets appear dull, worn out and even deteriorate its fibres.

Moreover, those dried-out stains also turn your home carpets into a congenial breeding ground for dust mites, bed bugs, mould, fungal infection and more!

But, you cannot stop your carpets from staining- no matter how hard you try! And there will always be some stains which will land up on your carpets and give you headaches- (some more than others).

To inform you further, here are 3 stubborn stains which you should look to remove from your precious carpets, IMMEDIATELY…!

1#: Chocolate Stains

If there are kids in the house, then there is every chance that they will wipe their hands on the carpet surface and stain it. That being said, grown-ups are as much to blame when it comes to staining carpets with chocolate.

These chocolates are high in fat, sugar content and a horde of other ingredients which can prove detrimental for your costly carpets/mattresses.

2#: Coffee Stains

It could so happen that you are sitting in your living room minding your business, sipping on hot coffee, and THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW IS… SPLASH!

Or, how about this; you are browsing Netflix watching a gripping thriller, and suddenly one particular scene scares the hell out of you, forcing you to spill half your mug on your pricey carpetOh-bugger!

Well, accidents do happen unannounced (some being direr than others). If you find yourself dealing with a freshly stained carpet, then the first thing you do is blot like a madman using paper towels. Try to blot up as much spilt coffee as possible. That will, at least, limit the damage to your carpets, but will still leave it stained.

3#: Blood Stains

Have you lived this scenario? You know… when you have blood-stained, you carpet due to a finger cut!

It makes you wonder if the darn thing will ever disappear…!

As per professional carpet cleaners serving Melton

Well, perhaps there is a way to reduce the damage. You should blot it immediately and repeatedly on the stained area because once they settle in; they are very difficult to remove.”

Carpet Steam Cleaning– The ANSWER to All These Stubborn Stains!

Also known as the hot-water extraction method, it helps break down each of these adamant stains, only to be brushed and vacuumed away, leaving your carpets, stain-free!

So, apply appropriate DIY hacks when tackling these carpet stains. But, if it doesn’t give you the desired result; contact experts of carpet steam cleaning in Melton to professionally clean your precious carpets.



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