3 Symptoms Which Calls Out For Professional Wiring Repairs


In this present world, it is difficult to imagine a single task where you don’t require electricity. And the reason for that is very straightforward. Electricity is everywhere, and it serves an integral need in everyone’s lives. However, electricity is also a powerful force and sometimes when you get exposed to it, it can inflict some serious property damage and self-injury.

One medium through which injuries happen frequently, both in homes and workplaces is through frayed, worn out or damaged wires.

If you look up the internet, you will find that over 50,000 fires take place in Australia every year and the root of all those fires was found to be faulty electrical wiring.

Fire caused due to faulty electrical wiring can not only prove dangerous for your home and life, it can also cause serious damage to your neighbour’s house. More so, if you happen to reside in a tight neighbourhood! There’s a good chance that if your house catches fire, it could also set ablaze your neighbour’s property and pose a serious threat to their lives.

Its one calamity you got to avoid, and the best way to do that would be to first find out the symptoms of faulty electrical wiring. Its one calamity you got to avoid, and the best way to do that would be to first find out the symptoms of faulty electrical wiring. Here are three prominent signs where you should think of a professional domestic electrical service provider in Fremantle. Just call them at the first signs of these symptoms.

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1. Extremely Old Electrical Wires

If your home was constructed 20-30 years ago, you better get all your electrical wires checked by a professional. The reason being, older homes tend to either have knob or aluminium and tube wires inside them. These components no longer serve utility as they were identified as dangerous.

Check for such old wiring and if found, hire professionals for its immediate replacement.

2. Frayed Wiring Set-Up

Your electrical wires are well protected from the outer exposure and situated within your homes, they are well insulated from air circulation. This, eventually, causes the wires to fray or tear and as soon as the insulation is compromised, they become a serious threat.

Look for signs of a frayed wire in your home wiring set-up and immediately report this to a trusty electrician. Using their experience and necessary tools of the trade, they will fix your outdated wiring system and keep you safe from any potential dangers.

3. Scorch Marks or Overheating of Your Wires

During sweltering summers, houses tend to get hot and so does its wires. With overuse of appliances, the wires tend to overheat and with time can potentially start an ugly fire.

Some probable signs of heated wires include walls which are warm to touch, burned rubber smell or scorch marks around the electrical outlet. Call in your trusted electrician in Fremantle and get this fixed as soon as you can.

So, there you have it, some prominent signs where you must call a licensed electrician at your home.

Don’t ignore it or procrastinate anymore. Signs of faulty wires are calamities waiting to happen. Get it sorted out on immediate discovery. Your family’s safety depends on it.



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