3 Terrible Roof Painting Mistakes That May Cost You a Fortune


Painting a roof becomes undoubtedly essential when it starts showing telltale signs of natural degradation. Adding a splash of vibrant paint on your roof surface can not only offer the upgrade it deserves but gives your building a whole new makeover if done and executed properly. However, roof painting may seem exciting and overwhelming but the job isn’t a layman’s take. From rust to peeling paint, it takes sound skills, knowledge and technical know-how to prep the surface and make roof paint last for decades. A slight mistake or lack of attention during prepping can wreck the health of paint and make you repent for a lifetime.

Here are some common roof painting mistakes you must avoid to extend the longevity of your roof paint and make every penny of your investment-worthy.

Using Old Paints

It’s good to save money but when it comes to roof painting, it’s better to avoid skimping on the overall budget. Most homeowners consider using leftover paint for coating roof surface but fail to recognise that old paint isn’t ideal for roof painting in Brisbane. The roof material along with the substrate is invariably different from the in-built content of the house and hence it’s always wise to use speciality paints that come with a heat-resistant and water-resistant feature that will keep roof paint in top shape for years.

Not Using Sealants

A common mistake almost every amateur makes during roof painting is skipping using sealants. Coating the sealant is essential before the final application of paint and if you avoid using it, the color may peel off at a premature stage. The sealant contains chemical bonding techniques that make the paint adhere to walls and extends the longevity of roof paints. Skipping the sealants will fail to bind paint with walls and give recurring troubles of peeling paint, cracks, blisters and flaking paint before the expected time.

Underestimating Energy-Efficient Paint

The market is flooded with a plethora of roof painting options but investing in energy-efficient paint for metal roofs is a wiser choice of all times. The roof surface is directly exposed to UV rays, rain and natural weather elements and standard paints often fail to maintain the desired temperature balance inside the house. Energy-efficient paints reflect sunlight and considered an ideal choice for residential painting in Brisbane. Homeowners who overlook this aspect fail to derive the benefits of eco-friendly paints and end up paying high electric bills.

Now that you got an idea of the common roof painting mistakes, avoid making them at all costs to make your time, effort and investment-worthy. If you find this content helpful, do leave your valuable comments.



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