3 Things to Include in Outdoor Signage to Turn Passer-by to Probable Buyer


No matter how smart and the best services you provide or offer, unless and until your business has the best exposure, you cannot get things right. And when you do not turn up the people towards the goods and services you sell, there is no point in sticking to the business. A business without return is of no value.

What the customers want is to have a clear and distinct idea of the things they wish to purchase. Even though you have your business shop situated at the most commercially happening place of the city; if you do not have the proper display of the products and services, you would see the ‘prospective’ customers walking away without visiting your shop. This is, therefore, the responsibility of the businesses to take all the possible steps to have their businesses promoted.

The businesses need to make an everlasting impact through advertisement. The compelling signage used by the firms is enough to create a strong impression – the much needed to draw the attention. The experts believe, and studies show that the businesses witnessing the least sale are because of the poor signage.

The outdoor signage plays a crucial role in convincing people. What needs to be determined is whether the signage in Wollongong is influencing people or not. If the answer is in negation, then it is the time to make a change. The following are some of the elements that are needed to be considered to convert the passers-by to the prospective buyers:

1. Proper Placement of the Signage

When it comes to the placement of the business signage, location plays a crucial role. The businesses need to place the advertisement strategically – the places that have the maximum footfall of the people ensuring a more significant exposure. One needs to think about both the pedestrian as well as the riders. That is, the signage needs to be appropriately visible from a distance as well as from the proximity.


Apart from all these, one should also keep in mind the presence of potential obstacles like the high rises, trees, and the poles. Experts suggest keeping these advertisements free from any obstruction for clear visibility.

2. Going for the Right Letter Height for Sight

Fonts (face and colour) need to be apt and appropriate. For the signboards or the billboards, the advertisement needs to be readable. The reputed sign writer in Sydney ensures that signage remains attractive, captivating and engaging. The inclusion of the borders, contrasting colours, and, the high-legible text are some of the elements that ensure charismatic signage.

3. Size and Lighting for a WOW Factor

The right size of the signboards has a crucial role to play. Too big or too small boards will hinder the degree of readability. If you are one of the business owners who want to have a signboard, it is essential to take into consideration the farsightedness and nearsightedness segment of the viewers. The signage companies make sure that they get the right size of the board as well as the professional sign writer to get the things precisely.

The placement of the advertisement should also consider the lights falling on them. It must not create a bright spots making the content unreadable. The right size and the appropriate placement ensure a wow factor to the outdoor signage.


What can be concluded is that every element has their role to play. The companies that are into the signage industry keep all these elements precise for the best result. A proper balance of the things gets the business rock-n-roll!



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