3 Tips to Help You Store Natural Oils to Preserve It Well


When it comes to making use of essential oil, there are multiple benefits that it holds. Right from therapeutic properties for the body to helping the house clean and germ-free, there is a lot that these oils can do for you. While being extracted from naturally occurring plants, these oils come in a concentrated form and often used when mixed with a base.

While shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics containing essential oils are much in demand, there is a lot that goes into incorporating such oils into creating something that is beneficial to the body. Essential oils are often used in the concentrated form to treat multiple problems, and while you may be one of them who has dozens of them for your personal use, you need to know what is the best way to store these oils.

While it comes in a concentrated form, there is a lot of care that it requires.

Avoid storing it close to heat and light

Even though most essential oils come in dark coloured bottles, it is something that needs extra care when it comes to storing it. Avoid storing them close to gas ranges or probably ovens even though they may be inside a closed cabinet. The heat can increase the temperature of the oil and make it cool all of a sudden which is known to damage the properties of the oil and not give you the results that it should. Leaving them near the window or fireplace after use also can be harmful to the oil. Keep aside a shelf or a cabinet that is away from heat and watch the oils stays as fresh.

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Avoid getting a temperature change

If your house witnesses two different temperatures, avoid exposing the oil to extreme temperatures. Using essential oils in an air-conditioned room and then storing it in a closed cabinet may affect the condition of the oil. Therefore, changing the temperature when using it may reduce the good effects of the oil and not be of any use when you apply them in the days to come. If it is habituated to a particular temperature, let it remain the same where it goes.

Avoid the presence of moisture and contact with oxygen

When you leave the cap of the essential oil bottle open, there are chances of the essence of the oil evaporating and leaving nothing for you to use. Those dealing with natural oils in Australia agree that whenever you use the oil, replace the cap almost immediately after you are done with the need. The same goes for contact with water. The moment you bring the essential oil in contact with water, it would penetrate into the bottle and make it cloudy. This dilutes the oil while making it unfit for usage.

Storing essential oils in shelves, cabinets or even designated boxes that have gaps in them to store bottles can be helpful. When it comes to using them, ensure that you use them well without keeping it out in the open or probably using it directly on the skin. Due to its concentration, there may be chances of skin burns while making it harmful for you.



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