3 Tips to Keep Your Furniture Safe & Intact While Moving


Whether you are moving alone or with the help of professional removalists, you should take proper precautionary measures to protect your high-value furniture from damage and breakage during transit. Lack of proper packing can make your furniture suffer from unsightly scratches and marks which can ruin the lustre together with your experience of relocation. Fortunately, a few practical tips can protect your bulk goods from damage and ensure they are well-secured at each phase of the transit.



# Get Hold of High-Quality Packing Supplies

A common misconception among people is that using cardboard boxes and packing tapes are sufficient to protect your furniture from damage but the statement is partially correct. While these packing materials offer basic protection, they do not really protect your furniture from distortion or permanent damage. To secure your assets from all sides, here’s what you need at your disposal:

  • Bubble wraps
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Good-quality adhesives

Since furniture is heavy and prone to breaking, proper packing and handling are essential. By asking professional house removalists in Sydney to arrange sufficient amount of bubble wraps and covers, you can eliminate your worries of damage even while loading.

# Disassemble Your Furniture Carefully

It’s always wise to disassemble bulk goods to facilitate the process of packing into boxes. Disassembling heavy furniture such as bunk beds, sofa sets allow you deport bulk items safely and mitigate the risk of damage during transit. However, keep a few pointers in mind while performing the job.

  • Read the manufacturer’s guidelines to get an idea of dismantling your items properly.
  • Use sealable plastic bags to store screws and other pieces of hardware.
  • Dismantle your bulk goods a week before the final move-out date to save time and avoid mess.

# Wrap Heavy Furniture in Correct Order

Plastic sheets and bubble wraps are two effective packing materials that help you move furniture safely and efficiently even during long-haul transit. Plastic wraps are intricately designed covers that acts as a first line of defence for protecting upholstery while bubble wraps are best suited for securing wooden furniture pieces. Placing cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces can act as a cushioning and protect corrosion against every single piece during transit.

Relocating furniture needs time, effort and proper safety precautions. The more you put efforts on prepping your furniture with the help of skilled removalists in Sydney, less likely they will be prone to damage. Keep the above pointers in mind and make furniture removals hassle-free than ever!



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