3 Vital Mistakes to Avoid While Painting Roofs


Just like every other thing, roofs also wear out over time, but that’s nothing to worry about since you can alter the whole appearance of your roof by giving it a coat of paint. However, lasting results are not always guaranteed; it can only be obtained if you end up avoiding some of the common mistakes which most inexperienced homeowners make during roof painting in Kingaroy. In this article, you will come to know of the several roof tile painting mistakes that you should avoid if you are going for the DIY way.

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Incorrect use of pressure washers

Be it any surface; it’s important to prepare it well before painting. This preparation mostly includes cleaning the surface thoroughly, and one of the best ways to clean roof tiles is by using a pressure washer. However, you need to be extremely cautious while using such washers as the strong jet of water can often damage the tiles. Make sure to avoid the highest pressure setting in the washer while also ensuring the water reaches the tile at a particular angle rather than directly.

Using a hand brush

To cut costs, most homeowners make the biggest mistake of using the most basic tools such as a brush while painting their roof tiles. The fact is, a brush is incapable of providing a uniform layer of paint on the roof surface. This will undoubtedly make your tiles look very shabby after you have painted them. Secondly, the task is going to be much tedious and will take up much time than you had allocated for the task. It’s much easier to use airless sprayers to apply both the paint and the sealer.

Not painting the entire roof

It’s imperative that you avoid painting just a section of the roof because the moisture from the tiles that were not painted can easily find its way underneath the painted tiles. This will invariably lead to the growth of microbial matter such as algae underneath the paint coating which will cause the paint to peel or dismantle within a very short period. Precisely for this reason, it is advisable to paint all the tiles so that they all have the same capacity to resist all sorts of damaging effects of water and other biological matters.

Needless to say, the roof is a vital component of a house which is why it is advisable to hire professional house painters in Kingaroy who specialise in house painting.



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