3 Ways Kids Can Excel In the Game of Laser Tagging


With almost all birthday bashes having a theme for itself with the inclusion of multiple games that are engaging for the kids, laser tagging is one of the common ones. With kids of all ages loving the game where there is not just action but also a bonding opportunity for the other kids, it is a favourite amongst them.

Comparing laser tagging with other children’s games is known to make the former take the lead, and that is the reason why more and more parents look out to arrange birthday parties for their kids with laser tagging as an essential activity of entertainment. While your child may be one of them, who has been invited to a party in a few days, here is what you can help them with when it comes to being good at the game.

laser tagging

Teach Them to Be Defensive

While the game is something where once you are done with tagging above the given limit, you get to be disqualified. You only get tagged when you are visible or probably at the same place for long. Therefore, teach them to not camp at a particular place for long as that not just gets boring but also makes you the point of attack for those who are experienced with the game and know the hiding places. Moving from one camp to the other by sliding sideways with quick moves is what protects you from being a soft target. If at all they spot someone targeting them, advise them on turning sideways as that is when the sensors do not get attacked that easily.

Let Them Wear Dark Coloured Clothing

When they wear light coloured clothing and play the game of laser tagging in Sydney, it is likely that they would get noticed sooner while at the war field. Let them wear dark clothing that is known to often get camouflaged with the sets of the game. This way, they are less visible and thus less susceptible to an attack. Along with the clothes, wearing sturdy shoes such as boots or sneakers can help in moving around swiftly. For girls, avoid the use of heels or any type of raised footwear that may make it difficult to move around. If the war field has a sandy floor, it can be dangerous for the ankles while giving way to sprains.

Look Out For Ways to Hit the Opponent

When it comes to the attacking the opponents, it is necessary on their part to ensure that they are safe as well as attack the other team and win. It isn’t always about hiding and playing safe, but also taking risks to win. This is what is called being as a part of a team and contributing in the best possible way just so that you show the right team spirit and put across the best for the game. Whenever possible, getting up and hitting the opponents with the lasers while sliding sideways to protect the sensors on your body would make you stay in the game for long.



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