3 Ways to Increase the Work Efficiency of Your Refrigerator


Is your refrigerator too old? Do you often end up with high electric bills during the month end? Well, that’s because your refrigerator has lost its work efficiency over time.  An old refrigerator not only gives you high electric bills but trouble you with require frequent repairs as well. So how can you reduce your costly expenditures on fridge repairs?

Take a quick l0ok at the ways by which you can improve the work efficiency of your refrigerator.

Change the Rubber Seals on Your Fridge Doors

Although the rubber lining makes your fridge run smoothly, still it undergoes wear and tear with time. The thin rubber lining plays a vital role in preventing outside warm air from coming in. It’s common for gaskets to lose suction if you keep the doors opened for a long time. No matter how good is the brand value of your refrigerator, the gaskets may be weakened or become inefficient after few years of usage.

When the rubber sealer breaks down, your fridge strives to keep the food frozen and thereby, your electricity bills increase. That’s when you search for ways regarding how to improve refrigerator cooling.

Keep Your Refrigerator Away from High Heat Sources

Have you ever thought of why your refrigerator can’t keep your food chilled anymore? Well, it’s essential to set the temperature right in order to keep your food chilled instead of struggling with frozen food.

For that, you need to ensure that the compressor isn’t exposed to sources that generate heat. If your compressor comes in contact with sources of heat, it picks up a high gear and results in a huge waste of energy. It can even damage your compressor to the extent when it would need costly replacement.

To ensure your fridge performs optimally in the long run, you should keep your refrigerator away from the oven or any such appliance that generates heat.

Perform Routine Cleaning of the Condenser Coils

If you ever wonder how to make an old fridge more energy efficient, you need to take proper care of the condenser coils. The condensor coils play a vital role in removing the unwanted warmth from the appliance.

As the condenser coils are usually located at the back of your refrigerator, they often get overlooked and become dusty. Therefore, they fail to pass the warm air and tend to malfunction frequently.  If the coils perform more than their usual capabilities, it leads to internal breakdowns and you opt for Westinghouse fridge repairs to fix the issue.

In order to ensure the coils are dust-free, you can use spare toothbrushes where the bristles can remove tiny dust particles that have been accumulated over the years.

Was this blog helpful? If you want to improve the work efficiency of your refrigerator and reduce your monthly electricity consumption, follow these tips.



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