4 Allergy-Free Home Planning Tips for Allergy & Asthma Sufferers


If you are an Asthma or Allergy sufferer, then both the indoor and the outdoor air can hamper your life. And although, there is not much that you can do to change the outdoor air quality; you can make the necessary changes to reduce your interior discomfort.

To help you achieve a quality allergy-free home, here are 4 crucial planning tips that you should discuss and implement for your next home upgrade!

Focus More on Building Products with Zero VOCs

While researching on health home designing plans; you must have come across the term VOC- Volatile Organic Compounds! If you do, then you must also know that VOC exists in most building supplies; ranging from paints, plywood, floor finishes, cleaning solutions etc.

In fact, statistics reveal that the VOC levels indoors is almost 8-10 times more than outdoors, and much of that is due to the use of building products and materials containing VOC. Some studies even point out that the main cause of asthma or allergies in kids and elderly members is due to the house being constructed using such materials.

To avoid complicating matters further, you should sit down with your trusted eco-home builder in Melbourne and only focus on building components having zero VOC levels. That’s your first important planning tip when designing your allergy-free house.

Avoid Laminate, Bamboo and Other Mass Produced Flooring Options

You should avoid using bamboo, laminate and all other mass produced flooring options available in the market. Each of them contains high concentration of VOCs mainly in the form of Formaldehyde known to cause skin allergic irritations.

Alternatively; you can discuss with your chosen eco-home building contractor about national wood flooring. They don’t capture nor harbour mould, dust mites, animal dander and other allergens unlike rugs and carpets. They also don’t have any harmful pesticides which can contribute to hampering the interior air quality. And they prove ideal for heavy-trafficked areas like the kitchen or family room where living comfort is very important.

Request for Eco-Friendly Paints Which Have Zero-VOC levels

Another crucial aspect when upgrading to allergy-free homes is using eco-friendly paints which consist of zero VOC presence for both the exterior and interior coating. You may be tempted with other attractive paints be it for walls, stairs or trim finishes. But, behind their lure, these paints also consist of VOC components which can severely hamper the interior air quality and make it difficult for you and your loved ones to breathe.

You can ask your home builder for recommendations about quality eco-friendly paint options with zero VOC presence. They will know which ones will be ideal for your allergy-free home revamp!

Improve Ventilation in Kitchens and Bathroom Designs

For both your kitchen and bathroom spaces; you can think about quality ventilations to improve the interior air quality. For that, you can install small air vents above the stove or toilet seat. Also work closely with your home builder about revamping the design and layout of these rooms.

As for the question of reducing VOC levels inside your home, look to use cabinet components constructed using zero-VOC plywood for both your kitchen and bathroom.

These are 4 key planning tips which you can implement on your next home revamp. With these; you should also work conjointly with your trusted expert specialising in allergy-free homes in Melbourne to help you plan, choose and install everything to make your home more comfortable to live in.



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