4 Blunders To Avoid In Your Next Bathroom Renovation


When planning for a home re-decor, renovating your bathroom space can be one great starting point.

However, if you are not careful with your planning, or do not select the right contractor to do the job properly, then the quality of work will never be as per your requirement. In this post; you will learn about those common mistakes which you should avoid in your next bathroom renovation.

  • Mish-Mash of Fixtures 

If there is one strict (yet simple rule)which you should maintain, it is not mixing two different types of metals or tiles in your bathroom revamp. Overcompensating the design will turn your bathroom into more of a sample room than that Spa-tacular bathing space you wished to achieve.

So, whatever be the size and scale of your bathroom space; don’t look to mismatch fixtures. Try to keep it simple, as sophistication comes with proper repetition of materials, particularly in small-to-medium sized bathrooms.

  • Overlooking The Bathroom Fan 

Many homeowners ignore the importance of a bathroom fan. But this is a mistake on their part as proper ventilation is important. It helps remove the built-up humidity, which if left unchecked, can cause deterioration and even mildew growth.

  • Overcrowding It With Large-Sized Vanities & Double Sinks

Most homeowners have a tendency to jam in double sinks and large-sized vanity to their small to medium-sized bathrooms. They believe it makes their bathroom look more functional, but what it really does is overcrowd the space and makes it difficult to navigate.

The smarter move would be to consult with experts of bathroom renovations Gold Coast to help you come with a proper layout, keeping in mind the available space.

Plus, they will also help you procure accessories and fixtures which require only a small space to fit into your bathroom.

  • Not Focusing On The Bathroom Lighting

Most standard bathrooms consist of a small footprint. And that is what makes proper lighting such an important aspect during its renovation. You can discuss this with your chosen renovation expert to add a few pot lights in the shower area as they help to illuminate the space without getting in its way.

With that; you can also opt for quality LED lights in your bathroom space to ensure fewer shadow and more flattering and practical appearance of your bathroom space.

So, there you have it, those common blunders which you should avoid on your next bathroom revamp. For quality results always take help from professionals who specialises in all types of budget bathroom Renovations the Gold Coast area.

Understanding all your requirements, they will help you accomplish your dream bathroom renovation inside your set budget.



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