4 Easy Party Games For Your 5-Year-Old Kid


Kids love parties. We all did.

The chance to spend an enjoyable day with their dear ones LAUGHING, SINGING, JUMPING and RUNNING, cherishing their life with freedom- what’s there not to like?

However, a kid’s party is always incomplete without fun-filled kid’s games. And, truth be told, they are also easy to set up, provided you take the help of kid’s entertainment specialists to lend you a hand.

Here’s a Look At 4 Easy Games To Include For Your 5-Year-Old’s Party

Musical Chair

Musical chairs is another kid’s game that’s rich in entertainment. But if you wish to include them in your kid’s party anyway; then you can take the help of a kids entertainer serving across Sydney to make the arrangements.

Keep one chair less than the number of participants in 2/3 rows back to back. Once the music starts; tell the kids to run around those set chairs. As the music pauses randomly; they will need to scamper and secure a chair to settle down. The kid left standing is the one who has to leave the game.

Every time each chair reduces as one contestant goes out, and this continues till there is one kid is seated, and the other is left standing.

Blind Man’s Bluff

It is a favourite among most kids- mainly because it is simple and yet so fun. You have to warp the child’s eyes (not too tightly) and make that child turn three times, and one more for luck.

Once done, the blind-folded child has to catch one among the participants (being blind-folded). On grabbing on to one, they have to feel their shoulders and face to identify the person. If she/he guesses right, then the child caught will be blind-folded next, and the victor wins a prize.

Hunting The Thimble

The basic requirement for this fun kid’s game is carrying a thimble (or anything which can be used instead of it). You need to hide all the thimble in the absence of all participants and then entrust them with the task of finding them. Whoever finds it first (or gets close to the thimble) wins a prize.

Sack Race

This is another kid-approved classic party game which you can include to your 5-year-old’s party. You will need a burlap or hessian sack for each player. Alternatively; you can also opt for a large pillow sack for each kid to hop in, and get ready for the contest.

As per the rules; each player gets inside their sack and race to the finish line. If the race is a relay one, then contestants will need to tap their team-mate who will then be responsible for crossing the finish line before everyone else.

Final Lines

Try these awesome games for your next kid’s party. And to help you out, and manage these kids during these fun games; appoint experienced children party entertainer in Sydney to manage the whole proceeding- even participate with these kids in some of these fun activities.

Safe to say; your little angles will love the arrangement.



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