4 Factors to Reckon Prior To Epoxy Floor Painting


With the passage of time, concrete floors, no matter how perfectly built, start revealing things that they should not, and that is when alarm bells should ring.

An extra layer of preventive quoting would go a long way in stopping further deterioration. Epoxy flooring is one excellent method to arrest the deterioration of concrete.

However, before applying epoxy floor paint in Melbourne, like in any other place, the experts would take into consideration quite a few factors. 

The nature of activity on the floor

This is one of the most critical factors that need to be considered before putting epoxy paint on the floor. A number of questions need to be answered before putting on the paint. Is it necessary to put on a slip-resistant? What kind of activity is carried on the floor? All these have to be taken into account. The idea is to put on a coating that will not pose any physical threat to the users or hinter the activities that are carried out, on the surface. 

Besides, certain factors like temperature of the room as well as operational temperature, the amount of traffic or footfall, and exposure to chemicals are some other factors that determine the type of paint to be applied. 

Condition of the Concrete

The extent of corrosion of the concrete surface needs to be taken into account as well. There might be varying conditions that will influence the nature of the paint. It may be smooth, with no visible cracks, but with small underlining cracks that might not be visible in the naked eye. The concrete may be cracked here and there, with some inner rocks getting exposed, and might be substantially cracked leading to the exposure of larger rocks. 

However, the pros would fill up the cracks before applying the paint for the best results. Well, this may take more time and may result in some extra expenses, but it will guarantee much longer life for the floor and will make it more stubborn. 

The Amount of Downtime

The amount of downtime has to be taken into account as well. In other words, the time when there is no activity on the floor has to be taken into consideration, and the epoxy flooring in Melbourne should be done accordingly. 

Does The Floor Drain Properly?

This is also another factor that should be taken into account before applying the paints. A good installer will have the competency of pitching and building up the floor by ensuring proper drainage and rectify the slips or the fall areas. When it comes to painting, all these factors have to be taken into account and rectified, before the paint is applied. 

In a nutshell, it is essential to look into all these factors collectively to ensure the floor is perfect before epoxy paint is applied.  



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