4 Golden Rules for Decluttering Your Small Kitchen Space


A neat and clean, clutter-free kitchen is truly an interior’s dream. Did it even happen that you have walked into your friend’s kitchen and were awestruck to see how well things were organised? For many of us, this isn’t the reality. Most of the time, your kitchen is overpacked with appliances, unnecessary containers, cutleries that not only make your space look unsightly but cause damage to your property in a myriad of ways.

To help you keep kitchen essentials organised, here are a few golden rules for you to know.

Test the Utility of Your Appliances-

Modern kitchen essentials are indeed tempting and make life simple, but for people who have cramped space, it can be troubling to manage so many utilities. Therefore, while deciding upon which appliances to keep or discard, you need first to analyse the utility it provides. For example, experts offering home decluttering services suggest that there’s no point in keeping individual fruit slicers when the work can be easily done with a single knife.

Limit Storing Heavy Items-

The market is flooded with decorative kitchen essentials, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make your space jam-packed. A small kitchen demands functional and practical utilities. A huge, whimsical cookie jar might be an elegant touch to a master kitchen; however, it eats up a significant portion of your kitchen benchtops. Instead of adding bulk items, you can try using magnets on fridge, decorative potholders as they can maximise space as well as boost the curb appeal of your property.

Choose Products that Serve Multipurpose Use-

A kitchen full of specialty items is lovely to admire and fantasize, but with a small kitchen, it is not wise to buy every desired item. Your kitchen might have a host of tools that serve the common purpose or usage and so, it’s better to declutter them with the help of professional home organisation services instead of storing unwanted duplicates. For instance, people who have a hand-mixer probably don’t require a whisk as one mixer attachment will be enough to fulfil the purpose.

Plan Your Storage for Optimum Ease-

No wonder you are wasting a significant portion of your kitchen space if you aren’t utilising your movable shelves in the best possible manner. For instance, if you have a shelf with a wide gap above it, you can consider adding one more shelf in between to create additional storage.

Did you know? You can create up to 50% storage space in a cupboard simply by changing the layout!

With these tips in mind, create a more functional and spacious kitchen you hardly have imagined before and do let us know how it worked for you. For more exciting updates, keep tuned with our future posts.



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