4 Myths Clarified on Nurses and Their Career Goals


Are you one those who think that nursing is a job that has no efforts put into it? Do you feel that anybody and everybody can become a nurse? Well, there are multiple concepts that people believe in when it comes to nursing where they think that the duty of a nurse is to the only cleanup after a patient throws up.

While multiple nurses and nurse training institutions for medication management are tired of explaining facts to people, there are several who still believe in myths. They do not understand the profession well, whereas it is one of the most thankless jobs in the world.

Here are a few myths on nursing and their profession that people need to be clarified on.

Nursing means knowing everything that a doctor does

Well, if you know everything that a doctor does, wouldn’t you become a doctor instead? Well, nurses are trained to assist doctors while knowing the technicalities behind every step that they take. Apart from technical information in text books, nurses learn how to cope with patients and their diverse behaviour. Not everyone in the hospital knows how to calm down. Children cry adults panic and all of these are handled by the nurse where no two situations are the same.

Nurses are only there for the hospital

Well, the majority of nurses tend to be working at the hospital but what about clinics and home care services? Clinics that have doctors running an independent business too have nurses to help around. For those who are disabled, elderly and immobile, nurses care for them at home for all their requirements.

It is easy to become a nurse

Well, this isn’t true at all. There is a lot of effort that goes into becoming a nurse. Opting for diploma courses, attending practical classes, receiving the license and finally being compassionate about patients and understanding their illness are all included. Even though nurses are there doing their duty, patients lookout for a tender hand to comfort them when they are ill, and that is what a nurse should do.

Only girls can be nurses

Well, why can boys do the same things that girls do being a nurse? There is nothing to do with gender where as long as you are assisting the doctor and caring for the patient well, anyone can become a nurse. There is no rule where only girls can be nurses and not boys.



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