4 Pre-Trip Truck Inspections Most Owners Overlook


A comprehensive pre-trip truck inspection involves a lot more than standard cursory searches for any existing mechanical defects. It is very important and made mandatory as per the local laws- mainly so because these inspections can make all the difference in a life or death situation.

However, the problem is that such pre-trip truck inspections are taken very lightly. Instead of comprehensively inspecting every single part of the truck; owners perform the check-up following a to-do-list- which, on most times, can be very unreliable.


Don’t make the same mistake which many do before hitting the road. Re-focus your pre-trip check-list and ensure every part of your heavy-duty truck is thoroughly inspected.

And While You Are At It, Don’t Forget To Ignore These Aspects At The Time Of Your Pre-Trip Inspection.

  • Inspect the Wheels: – 

In words of experts delivering heavy vehicle inspection(s) across Narellan

Performing proper tyre and wheel inspection before you head out to the highway can save lives. So, don’t just do a quick-do-over, take time, and inspect every item that’s lodged between the tires.

As per the Commercial Vehicle Safety, any solid object that’s found in-between the tires is a violation. And the reason being, even if a small object gets stuck, it can potentially fly at say 60-70mph in the form of a dangerous projectile.

Some Of The Key Items That You Have To Check For Include

  • Wheel lug nuts- Check for possibilities of a weak wheel fastener. Again it may appear trivial, but if your wheel dislodges and barrels down the road, it can cause a huge risk for the driver as well as the other motorists on the speedway.
  • Rust- Always check for rust-affected spots around the wheel and the lug nuts! With time and exposure to the exterior elements; rust can weaken those key areas and cause a serious happenstance.
  • Focus on Reflectors & Truck Lights

For you, it may not seem a big deal when one of your truck lights burn out. However, it is still a violation- even if it is a small one. What you should do is check out every light and replace the ones that are broken or have burned out.

Make it a point to remember that other drivers heavily depend on these lights to sight approaching trucks. And when travelling during the night, even 1-2 lights missing can cause the other vehicles to appear less visible.

  • Check Your Truck’s Seat-belts

Always make it a point to check if your seat-belts are working in optimal condition or not. You should scan for possible signs of wear and tear or even frayed edges. Also check, if your seat belts retract and then returns from its mechanism.

If you notice the action is not smooth, then it could mean that then seat belt is in need of proper replacement. You should also inspect if your seat belt is firstly locking and then releasing properly by a sharp tug.

  • Inspect the Truck Cab for Potential Safety Hazard

The safety of your truck also holds true for your truck cabin. As most drivers spend days on the road, their truck literally becomes their home.

What this means is that their truck cabin also becomes a cornucopia of numerous items. Whether it’s old food packets, clothes, magazines and more sundry items- these items turn into more of an eye-sore. Instead, they become more of a safety hazard!

Consider such a situation- the driver bends down to get his wallet and in the process knocks a handful of items. In trying to manage them, he takes his eyes off the road and accidentally collides or spins out of control.

Always remember that proper cleanliness is paramount- even in driving! So inspect the cabin for possible safety hazards.

If you cannot do it yourself, appoint a notable and experienced truck mechanic in Prestons and get a thorough inspection done at your time of convenience. These experts will be happy to assist you.



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