4 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Property


When you plan to sell your property, there are lots of things to consider like- the right time to do it, the best method to sell it off, and what paperwork is needed.

You should leave no margin for errors as it could cost you lots of money and time. The worst-case scenario being- your property may not sell at all.

So, if you are preparing yourself to get into the property market with the hopes of a lucrative sale, be sure to ask your real estate agent these 4 questions.

  • Suppose My Property Sells Under The Quoted Price; Do I Still Have To Compensate The Full Commission?

After signing up an agreement to sell your property, ask your property manager serving near Adelaide to provide you with a complete written assessment of the quoted price. Now, if the agent fails to meet the promised property value; you don’t have to compensate for their full commission. With that; you even have the option of penalising the agent if they get it wrong or offers to sell your property under the quoted price.

Also, firmly ask your agent what they think will be the sale price of your property. Doing so will help you flush out their true intentions of what the property is actually worth.

  • Do You Conduct The Auction With One Buyer Or Are There Multiple Buyers Involved?

Be it a property purchase or sale, auctions rely on competition between multiple bidders. If your property is unique in some way, then your auction should consist of unique buyers.

Usually, in the soft market; you will be lucky enough to find 1-2 quality buyers- among which one may love the property and the other who will be more of a bargain hunter- (who sets the price making the emotional buyer the highest bidder.)

Don’t sign up with any real estate agents be it in Adelaide or any part of Australia who doesn’t give you any plausible explanation on how they will conduct the sale auction.

  • Who Will Attend The Inspection With Potential Buyers?

Most of the agents will enlist the property for sale and hand over the rest of the selling responsibilities to their assistant or subordinate. So, make sure to the name of the agent who will be handling all the inspection and negotiation responsibilities in writing from the lead real estate agent. This will avoid confusion later on.

  • What Is Your Strategy To Procure The Highest Properly Sell Price?

You being the property seller, you will want the high property sale price, and not participate in any agent’s clearance sales.

To avoid these situations, aim for that agent who comes up with a proper selling strategy for your property and not emphasises on ‘clearance rates.’

Lastly, always go with a real estate agent who has an impressive market reputation and have lots of positive feedback from their previous served property owners.



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