4 Reasons to Choose Concrete Stumps Over Timber Stumps for Your Home


Everyone is passionate about choosing the right things for building their homes, starting from stumps, materials of walls, colours of the walls, and others. Stumps are the most important factor that holds a house. It acts as a foundation for your home. If the stumps of your house are not strong enough, then the structure of your house can be less durable, which can lead to the break down of your house that you obviously will not want!

Building a wooden house might be cost-effective and attractive. However, wooden stumps can often have issues that can weaken the foundation of your house. Whereas, choosing concrete stumps will give a strong foundation to your house.

Here is why you should choose concrete stumps over wooden stumps…

  1. Stumps sink

Wooden stumps often sink, and one of the main reasons is termite damage. Termites often push the dirt upwards, directly into the middle of the stump; this causes a problem in weight distribution. In this case, the wooden stumps will not be able to provide support to the structure above. However, stumps made with concrete do not have such issues. Concrete house stumps in Melbourne acts as a strong foundation for houses.

  1. Dry rot

This happens when the lower part of the stumps rots away, leaving divisions within the stumps in the ground and a big gap between both parts of the top and bottom half, which leads to the sinking of the top half. If this occurs, the stumps can move from its place that can weaken the base of the house. Whereas installing concrete stumps to the foundation will help in distributing the weight of the floors evenly, this causes less wear and tear in the foundation.

  1. Issues in soil

Houses build with wooden stumps on reactive clay soil, or flood plains can face issues. The areas that consist of reactive soils can often cause wooden stumps to sink. When it rains in such areas, a lot of movements take place in the soil as the soil swells. Houses built with timber stumps in this type of area are not strong enough. However, it is advisable to use concrete stumps in Melbourne as the foundation of your house to make it strong enough to stick to the soil. Concrete stumps last longer and stay strong in any soil condition that Melbourne has to offer. Such stumps do not decay easily as compared to wood.

The cost of the concrete stumps might be more than timber stumps, but it provides a strong foundation to the houses over fifteen to twenty years. This makes it a better investment. Moreover, concrete stumps need less maintenance. Hence, if you want to know how long do concrete stumps last lead through the lines once again.



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