4 Ripper Reasons To Opt For Vinyl Flooring


In recent times you will find that there has been an impressive resurgence of vinyl flooring. Being an apt alternative to linoleum, vinyl floors are durable, versatile, stain resistant and impervious to water exposure.

For that, house owners tend to opt for a vinyl floor in wet areas of their homes. If you want a good suggestion for your next flooring renovation, here’s a post which explains why vinyl floors are the duck’s guts for your home.

Follow closely, cobbers!

  • They Are Versatile: Vinyl floors are non-porous, scratch resistant and have the ability to blend into any existing decoration. These are tailor-made for those areas of the house that gets wet often- like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, main entrance, etc.

Note- don’t think of installing vinyl outdoors as the heat can make it warp.

  • They Are Incredibly Durable: Another chief feature of vinyl floorings in Perth is that they are extremely durable. Believe it or not, mate, but if vinyl floors are installed properly, it can last a good 10-20 years (even more with proper maintenance).
  • They are Very Hygienic: Vinyl floors consists of a clear wear layer that safeguards the floor underneath from dust, dirt, grit, etc. They are also non-allergenic in nature, which means that it will keep your rooms clean and hygienic.

All you need to do mate is regularly sweep with a normal mop cloth and vacuum the surface.

  • Underfoot Comfort: Even though you will find hardwood and tiles to be ruling the flooring market, vinyl flooring has its own distinguishing advantage.

Vinyl surfaces don’t get cold even during winters, and that makes people suffering from joint issues feel comfortable while performing their house chores.

Its resilient floor consists of a soft texture, and that provides a bit of a ease when walking over it.

Capping off:

These are those four ripper reasons why you should av a go at vinyl flooring for your next flooring renovation.

One last word of advice is always look up to dinki-di vinyl flooring suppliers in Perth to provide you with the essentials.

It is the only way to get full value for your money.



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