4 Rules to Follow While Negotiating 4 Point Intersections – What the Driving Schools Teach


When it comes to driving, it is easy to get through the basis with practice and practical training, but when it comes to dealing with 4-way intersections, even experienced ones face difficulty.

Teachers at driving school in Wheelers Hill ask their pupils to pay extra attention when it comes to dealing with the 4-way intersections. Such intersections are quite tedious but with the right intention and approach, one can learn to get through it quite smoothly! In this blog, you will get to read about the 4 rules to be followed when it comes to the negotiation of 4 point intersections.

  • The one who reaches the crossing first gets to use it first. Like how we have the first come first serve basis during weddings and parties at the food counters, the same is applicable at the crossings too! If there is no traffic of other vehicles, the first vehicle that arrives at the crossing gets to cross it first. Overtaking that car or bus is a strict NO. the vehicle which stops at the stop sign first gets access to the right of way. A basic rule but an important one.
  • Suppose if two vehicles arrived at the 4 way crossing at the same time, whether in front of each other or adjacent to the other vehicle, then the vehicle furthest to the right will get the right of way. The case is different in case of ambulances, will be taught at the driving school as a separate chapter. So the adjacent car must wait until the car has crossed the crossing.
  • Say now you are head to head with another vehicle, you got to apply rule number 3. Make use of the signals, as it will be different for the two of two. Next, if one vehicle is intended to turn while the other has opted to go straight then the vehicle going straight has the right of way! Do not show haste as it may be taken as an offense!
  • Suppose now the head to head vehicles are supposed to go right and the other one to the left, then the rule 4 says that the vehicle turning to the right has the right of way!

Follow the above 4 rules to be able to deal with 4 ways crossings much more effectively! Students at the driving school in Cranbourne get t to learn a lot about the various tips and tricks of being an able driver. You can join your nearest driving school to learn the same. Happy learning!



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