4 Safety Precautions You Must Follow While Travelling in A Maxi Cab


Melbourne being one of the busiest and happening cities of Australia, people keep on visiting either for business or family vacation and this has led to a huge demand for maxi cabs. In today’s time, where public transport has become more of a nuisance, the comfort and convenience offered by maxi cabs cannot be undermined.

With the rise in demand for maxi taxis, there has been increasing cases of road accidents, theft, robbery, physical assault and other wrongdoings. If you are new to Melbourne and planning to hire a maxi cab for the first time, keep these safety measures in mind to ensure travelling in absolute comfort and peace of mind.

Avoid the Front Seat

Although maxi cab in Melbourne offers a plethora of benefits, however, you must avoid sitting at the front seat. Especially for people who are new to Melbourne and aren’t familiar with road conditions, people or surroundings and travelling alone in a maxi taxi, it’s better to sit at the back. The gap between you and the driver’s seat can help you track his activities and take necessary measures in case of suspicious doings.

Note Down the Taxi Number

Although travelling in a foreign city is exciting, however, it fetches its own set of risks. If you have booked a maxi cab for a local ride in Melbourne, don’t forget to note down the vehicle number before getting into the cab. This can help in recognising the driver in case of theft, robbery or molestation. Taking note of the taxi number can also prove to be strong evidence in case of road fatals and help in taking legal actions against the culprit.

Save Your Emergency Contacts

It’s always wise to save the emergency contact numbers of local police stations, ambulance, fire stations, whenever you are travelling in a maxi taxi in Melbourne. Mishaps can happen anytime and you might fall prey to local thieves or fall sick while travelling. Having emergency contact numbers saved in your Smartphone can eliminate undue worries and assure you of safe travelling experience.

Don’t Open Up too Much to the Cab Driver.

Your safety is in your hands. Molestation, physical abuse and robbery are some common threats while travelling in maxi cabs and hence, you need to be extremely cautious about your actions. It’s good to gel up with people but not with strangers. If you are travelling alone in an unknown city, it’s better not to open your heart while speaking to the cab driver. Disclosing personal credentials to strangers can make you susceptible to robbery and put your life at danger.

Travelling in a maxi taxi in Melbourne is comfortable and stress-free only if you keep these safety precautions in mind. If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to post your comments.



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