4 Signs That Your Well Pump Is Going Bad- A Knowledge Base!


When your reliable well pump starts to go bad, there’s very little any homeowner can do. They remain completely unaware as there’s are not a lot of warning signs that these pumps give out.

The obvious sign which helps owners know that something is wrong with their pump is when the water pressure starts to fall, or when they find no water coming out of their faucets.

So, how do you determine that your well pump is beginning to go bad? Here are 4 common signs which help to identify it.
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i) Unusual Clicking Noise Occurring From The Pressure Tank:-

Getting unusual or strange clicking sounds from your well pressure tank? If so, then this is because of the rapid and constant noise resulting from the pressure switch present near the tank.

The air leaking from the bladder and entering the pressure tank makes the well pump start and stop frequently. And when this happens, it causes an enormous strain on the pump motor. Over time, this could result in considerable damage to the electric motor, thus reducing its functionality.

So, whenever you come across strange noises, look to summon professional pump repair and maintenance specialists in Sydney to check it out properly.

ii)Air Spurting At Your Faucets:-

Another sign is when your peaking pressure tank bladders result in the air spurting at your faucets and resulting in a spitting sensation. And although this happens only once, over a span of time; could result in shortening the lifespan of your well pump.

So, if you notice your faucets spitting, then that is a clear sign that you need to call in professionals specialising in pump repairs and maintenance.

iii)When You Receive A Sudden Burst Of Scalding Hot Water:-

When flushing a toilet; do you get an expected burst of scalding hot water? If so, then that is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the pressure tank.

In homes which have 2-3 handle tubs and shower valves, they don’t have the same capability to balance the water pressure which is seen in modernistic handle valves. This decrease in water pressure results in more hot water than cold water coming through, thus resulting in unexpected scalding surges.

iv)Unexpected Surge In The Monthly Electric Bill:-

Lastly, if you have noticed a sudden surge in the electric bill, then that is a clear sign that your there may be some issues in your well pump. To specifically point out the root of the issue can be difficult, and that is when you need to hire a quality pump service provider serving across Sydney to sort it out for you.

Issues in the well-pump and pressure tank can considerably increase the working of the pump system. And when that happens, it automatically increases your energy expenditure and electric bills.

If any of these common signs apply in your case, then schedule an appoint with a pump service agency specialising in handling all types of pumps.



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