4 Smart Techniques of Utilising a Concrete Pad


Concrete pads are highly durable and can be used for numerous purposes. A concrete pad is no only used for driveway or sidewalk; it can be used in a yard and many other places for different purposes. Whether you want to give support to something heavy or build an outdoor spot for entertainment purpose, building slabs with concrete will fulfil all your requirements.

Given below are some of the smart ways of using concrete slab…

1. Patio

A patio is the best place to chill out during summers. For this, you can customise concrete house pads in North Perth, which can accommodate seating, grills and much more, with a room to extend. Make sure to opt for a spacious area to build a patio so that you can accommodate all such stuff. Moreover, you need to keep in mind the minimum slipe of a patio is 1/8 inch per foot, and it should slope at a distance from your house. Also, applying a sealer to your concrete patio will help to protect it from moisture as well as reduce requirements of maintenance.

2. Utility Slab

A concrete slab can be built for providing a level multi-purpose surface for anything from the outdoor unit of air-conditioning to a trash bin station. In majority instances, a slab needs to extend only four inches and beyond that from each side of anything that sits on it. Moreover, applying acrylic seal will enhance the maintenance process and protect the slab from any damage.

3. Basket Ball Hoop

If you love playing basketball, then building a basketball court with concrete pads will provide you with endless hours of fun. However, pouring a basketball slab is a bit different from pouring other slabs, as the concrete pad itself does not require to be larger than three or four feet in diameter.

4. Shady Spot

This is a creative use of a concrete pad. This can serve as the foundation for garden bench, a bubbling fountain, or a hammock. Decide the shape of the shady spot depending upon the size of your yard. For knowing the appropriate shape and size for the dark concrete spot, it is better to consult certified concrete house pad contractors in North Perth.

Thus, these are the four smart ways of using a concrete pad. Also, when building a concrete pad, make sure to hire professional and experienced concrete house pad builders as they can serve you better depending upon your techniques.



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