4 Summer Renovation Tips To Make Your Bathroom COOL


Well, the good thing is the summer approaches.

Okay, that may not be a really good thing to hear for the blazing heat.

But, my mate, it can mean a very good time for your bathroom if you renovate it with some of the tips this blog is going to offer you.

Read on to find them out.

  1. Tile It Up

You must ensure that you choose the right colour for the tiles. It is recommended that you use the tiles in the same colour rather than alternative ones. Using white tiles can help you get a cooler atmosphere inside.

  1. Use Floating Vanities

The good thing is that floating vanities give you a lot even by being just a little addition in your bathroom. The thing is that they give a lot of space. More space means a lot of ventilation and that means a cooler bathroom in summer. Plus, they are intensely modern in the looks they project. Try to add some decoration to their external parts too.

  1. Add a Freestanding Tub

Summertime is the time for soaking in the bath. Just like you get completely mesmerised with wonder by some under cabinetry lighting mentioned in the kitchen renovation designs in Brisbane, you will feel an unending pleasure with a freestanding bathtub. It is almost a piece of piss to install them. What’s more? They come in lots of shapes and colours.

  1. Use Functional Lighting Designs

Just stick to this simple thought: You’ve got to make your bathroom a bit cooler in the summers. As a matter of fact, that should be the target to make your bathroom renovation process meant for only the summer. So, let’s make it more functional by advanced lighting options. Your professional renovator would recommend you to use lighter but colourful lights. This particular bathroom renovation idea in Brisbane Northside saves you from a warmer bathroom since low lights help in keeping the air inside the place cooler and, more appropriately, healthier for summer. But, the multiple colours in the lights will never fail to charm you.

To Wrap It Up

It is time you take a bathroom renovation project this summer for getting a lot of benefits. Get a brand. Speak to professionals. Add your own ideas too.

Then, you can escape from that summer heat and seek pleasure in your bathroom.



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