4 Things You Should Never Do with a Water-Damaged iPhone!


Among many other mishaps that your iPhone may encounter, water-damage is a common one. Water-damage happens when you accidentally drop your phone into swimming pool, toilet or any other wet area. Although Smartphones of this genre come with water-resistant feature, however, liquid spills are always devastating for any gadget and iPhone is no exception. When this mishap occurs, most users become baffled worrying about the huge loss to their device and make some biggest blunders out of anxiety and panic.

This blog is here to make you aware of the top 4 things you should never do when your iPhone gets wet.

Pressing buttons constantly to check whether your phone is working

A common tendency among people is to keep on pressing power buttons when iPhone gets wet. This is absolutely a big NO as constant pressing of buttons forces water to penetrate your device and wreck the intricate components. Instead, a good idea is to remove the battery immediately your phone encounters water-damage. It would stop power flow and save your phone from undergoing short-circuits.

Trusting upon rice to soak excess moisture from your phone

When it comes to fixing a liquid-damaged iPhone, a common misconception among people is to dip iPhone in a bag of cooked rice in order to soak the excess moisture out of their device. Unfortunately, when this theory was put to use, it failed to yield any satisfactory result. Research and studies are yet to prove whether cooked rice can save iPhone from water damage. Hence, it’s always wise to skip this step instead, seek help from professionals offering iPhone water damage repair in Ballarat for instant and effective fixes.

Not investing sufficient time in drying your phone

It might be tempting to fix a water-damaged iPhone on your own, but a little can you actually do to get water out of your device. The best way to save your pricey device is by opening up your phone’s body and leaving it under a fan to dry. Unfortunately, most users refrain from doing so worrying about violating the warranty and cause more damage than good. To cross-check the terms and conditions, you can read the user manual or in case, you lack time, you can seek help from experts offering iPhone repairs in Ballarat to get things clarified.

Avoid ‘quick & dry’ method to revive your iPhone’s components

Although the internet is flooded with plenty of ‘fast-track’ methods of drying a water-damaged iPhone, a few of them actually works. The biggest risk of undertaking a DIY iPhone water-damage repair is short-circuits. In order to save a couple of bucks, most users attempt a quick fix of drying iPhone using a hairdryer. Although it can successfully evaporate the excess moisture from your phone, however, your device becomes overheated and internal damages starts taking place.

Water-damage is a critical issue and needs immediate attention. If you ever spill water on your iPhone accidentally, don’t commit these above mistakes out of panic. Instead, hire skilled and certified technicians who can apply instant fixes and restore your device to its former glory.



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