4 Tips to Clean Porcelain Tiles Without Damaging Its Glaze


Unlike ceramic tiles, polished porcelain tiles give about a better shine and a smoother surface due to its non-porous nature. Installing them indoors not just gives a lift to the aesthetics but also makes you get a feel of luxury whenever you walk on it. While it has this unique quality of being durable than its other counterparts, it is a something that is in demand for most people who intend to renovate their house or probably construct one according to their requirements.

Porcelain Tiles Perth

The polished or glazed porcelain tiles are known to be covered with a layer of glass that protects its base and thus repelling stains and water seepage. Despite that, the tiles need cleaning and maintenance from time to time that ensures that the quality remains intact while giving it a look that feels like new. After effective installation of white gloss tiles by the professionals, the tiles retain its texture, but when you perform maintenance drives from time to time, you get to witness the best results.

  • Start with sweeping the floor – It is not always that the floor would encounter moist or wet stains but often stays witness to loose dirt. This can be a result of the foot traffic, the presence of pets, open windows or probably the house being situated in a busy area that encounters air pollution. Loose dust tends to settle itself on the tile surface as well as the grout and cleaning it directly with a mop without sweeping it can lead to the formation of muck. You could use a broom or dust mop that would ensure that the dust is removed thus making way for the next step.
  • Bring along the wet mop – Simply cleaning it with water wouldn’t bring about the best results and still leave behind light stains on the floor. While you bring the bucket of water, you could add a mild cleaning solution that is not acidic. The concentrated liquid may harm the glazed layer on the tiles while making it wear off in no time. While you do this, the tiles receive that shine when rubbed with the mop. Ensure that you touch upon all corners of the floor area as leaving out a certain portion may look ugly to look at.
  • Clean it water again – This time, you are to ensure that only clear water is used to give the tiles another rub. This ensures that there is no residue of the cleaning liquid left behind on the tile surface that may allow the texture of the tiles to deteriorate. The professionals who install porcelain tiles in Perth suggest that while you clean it well, ensure that the mop is semi-dry and you make use of a different mop like the one that you use with the cleaning liquid. The reason behind this is that the other mop may still contain residue of the cleaning liquid that may come back all over again.
  • Dry it well – A water laden floor can cause accidents, and since porcelain tiles don’t absorb water, it would take a lot of time for the water to dry up. There is this need to remove water from the surface to prevent water stains which would look ugly and ruin the glaze of the porcelain tiles.




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