4 Tips to Make Your Skin Summer-Ready for A Perfect Eyebrow Threading


Are you possessive about your eyebrows? Dream of getting the perfect celeb-style brow shape? Well, if you want to add a bold statement to your face with neat arch-shaped eyebrows, you need to prepare your skin beforehand to keep skin irritations, itchiness or redness at bay.

Now, to mention here, not everybody is lucky to have flawless skin or an even skin tone. Women having sensitive skin and not taking proper care before opting for eyebrow threading often end up with redness or rashes in the skin.

If you are planning to amp your look this summer with stunning eyebrows, follow the tips mentioned below to get guaranteed results!

Avoid Exfoliation and Too Much Makeup

On the day of your eyebrow threading, avoid using an exfoliator or putting on too much makeup on your face. Make up blocks the skin pores and increase chances of rashes. Moreover, cosmetic products hide tiny hair present in the brow lines, which make it even more difficult for beauty experts. Most of the time they couldn’t trace the excess hair in the brow line and you end up with an uneven brow shape.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Summer

If you are undergoing eyebrow threading during summer, it’s important to hydrate your skin before visiting the salon. You can eat fruits, drink lots of water to keep your skin fresh and hydrated during summer. Hydration makes your skin less sensitive to rashes, skin irritation, rashes or itchiness and helps you get the perfect eyebrow shape you have craved for long. Hydrating your skin help you experience a pain-free eyebrow threading in Marion.

Use Talcum Powder Before Threading

Though it may not be a part of your daily beauty regime, sufficient use of talcum powder on the day of your threading appointment can ease your discomfort and help you stay relaxed. Baby powder is best for skin as they are mild and doesn’t contain harsh ingredients. Moreover, they absorb excess oil that may cause slipping of thread during the process. So what you can do is puff a little bit of talcum powder on your brow lines before threading.

Numb the Brow Area Before Threading

If you refrain from eyebrow threading due to the fear of pain, there’s a trick to get out of the trouble. You can ask the experts providing threading in Adelaide to wash your face with chilled water or rub ice on areas around your eyebrows to numb the area. This will ease your discomfort throughout the eyebrow threading process and numbing the area will assure you of 100% pain-free threading.

Bid adieu to skin irritations during eyebrow threading by following these nifty tips. If you find this post helpful, share it with your friends and relatives and do let us know your feedback.



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