4 Ways to Make Your Next Party Standout With an Exciting Photobooth


Crisp, clear and quality images always reveal a story! And being a part of a society where memes and Instagram continue to captivate its fans, it is no surprise why photobooth hire services enjoy such a strong fan base- be it in Sydney or anywhere across Australia.

This modernistic visual trend aptly fuels its customer’s picture taking appetites. Many businesses even leverage their crowd engagement and use it as a powerful marketing tool to build awareness across a wide spectrum.

So, as it stands, it has become a common trend where party organisers include a fun-engaging photobooth arrangement for their different celebratory events.

If you are planning a fun-filled event as well, then you should speak to your trusted nearby party photo booth hire provider in Sydney and include it too!

Here Are 4 Ways To Make Your Next Big Party Memorable With An Exciting Photobooth Arrangement.

  • Properly Consider the Rental Timeline

Often it is found that most party photo booth arrangements consist of a maximum renting period of 4-5 hours. And if you wish to increase its time, then extra charges apply. Granted that you don’t mind spending a little extra for the event, there is, of course, a way to avoid it altogether.

Look to consider the rental timeline of your booth arrangement. Instead of beginning its rental period right from the start of the event when half of your guests haven’t arrived; you could delay it a bit further. You can start the rental timeline once your party is crawling with all your closest mates, siblings, acquaintances and well-wishers.

Not only will this deliberate delay allow your special party attendees to enjoy with the photo booth for its full quota or 4 or 5 hours, but you are also spared of paying any additional charges.

  • Look For A Party Photobooth Package Featuring Scrapbook

While every photobooth arrangement allows guests to take extra pictures which they can take home as worthy souvenirs; it is always nice to check with your provider if they also include scrapbook.

This special add-on feature allows you to compile some of the best images taken into a guestbook. By getting an extra copy of every memorable picture, some even with your guest’s signature on it, you and your close ones can see together what a great time everyone had at your big event!

  • Use Those Offered Props Responsibly

With the number of quality props included in most feature-laden photobooth packages; the temptation is always there to pile all of them at once and make the picture as loony as possible. And although there is nothing wrong in it, it can often make your close ones unrecognisable in their own pictures.

One way to make your party photo booth sessions memorable and thoroughly enjoyable is to use those props sensibly- no matter how much you want to try out that ridiculously funny fake moustache or that ginormous sombrero!

What’s more, showing such restrains may not necessarily hamper your guests’ enjoyment, purely because they can return to the booth and try out different props as many times as they want.

  • Carefully Think About the Photobooth Location inside Your Event Venue

Another key aspect to make your event’s enjoyment memorable with a party photo booth hire is carefully picking its location. Even though your photo booth will be the focal attraction of your event, there will be other modes of entertainment such as the drinks counter or the dance floor with loud music and a disc light overhead.

That’s why you should ensure your party photo booth is situated at a decent distance (but too far) from the dance floor and the loud music. This will prevent your guests from colliding or either of their enjoyment being hampered in any way.

Ready to include a party photo booth for your next big party in Sydney?  Find a reliable provider near you and follow these tips to ensure your event is a big success.



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