4 Ways Your Body Is Benefited With a Hot Stone Massage


There has been a time when hot stone massage was known to rescue people from their muscles aches, and till date, it has been one of the best forms of massage to relieve pain. With almost no external pressure applied to the body, flat basalt stones are warmed to a degree of 130 to 140 and then placed on the painful areas of the body. Some therapists are known to place them on the pressure points of the body while ensuring that the pain is released after a few sessions.

While hot stone massage is something that has been used by several, it is known to be beneficial for the body in multiple ways. Here are a few of them put down for you.

Reduces Muscle Pain

Applying heat when there is a pain in the muscle is known to bring relief, and similarly, hot stone massage helps in reducing the pain from the muscles especially when cramped. When heat from the stone is transferred to the body, it is known to increase blood flow to affected areas while making it flexible and reducing cramps. If there is inflammation, using cold stones alternatively with the hot ones can help with relief.

Reduces Stress

When your body undergoes pressure and stress, it is known to make you feel pained and numb. A quick session with a hot stone relaxation massage can help relieve the stress. With hot stones placed on the pressure points, it is known to provide relief while removing the soreness of the muscles and the toxins that have accumulated in the painful areas of the body. With better oxygen flow to the body, stress tends to take a backseat.

You Get to Sleep Peacefully

There are several who complain of insomnia and the inability to sleep at the right time. With problem areas in the body and pain cropping up, hot stone massage can relieve it well. Whether it is for the infants or the elderly, hot stone can help in making you fall asleep especially when it provides the ultimate relaxation. The skin and the nerve ending are tantalised with the heat and thus resulting in relief and a good sleep.

You Get to Feel Healthier

When the heat from the stones reacts with your skin, the blood is flushed with more oxygen, toxins are removed from under the skin, and that makes you feel healthier, When you drink a lot of water post the massage, you tend to feel good about the fact that your body is free from toxins and that makes you feel healthy.

Choosing a therapist to help you with a hot stone massage in Melbourne CBD is something that a lot of people get confused with especially when there are multiple choices. When you intend to visit someone, look out for their expertise, their experience, the positive results that they have come up with and accordingly make a choice. Acquaintances, as well as the Internet, can help you with it, and that is how you can get relief.



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