5 Ballet Technique Mistakes and How to Fix Them


We all know what ballet is, right? It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful dance forms today. Having said that, it’s also one of the hardest dance forms to master. Beautiful it may be, but certain ballet techniques can be incredibly frustrating. At the end of the day, you will have to join ballet lessons in Sunshine Coast, but these mistakes can often be made in the best of classes.

So what are the most common ballet technique mistakes?

Plies – too bouncy

Since plies are the most basic step in ballet, most people breeze through it without paying much attention to what you are doing. Most people tend to “bounce” through plies which are never a good thing for your knees. You also need to pay attention to the tempo of the music – if the music is fast, you can speed up the movement. But make sure not to jerk in and out of position. Ideally, you should bend your knees in sync with each count and make sure that they don’t snap up. Lastly, you need to straighten your knee afterwards.

Tendus – Sickling

Remember to use your toes to make a line on the floor. You need to stand in the first position and while pointing your toes, draw a straight line in front of you. If your foot is making a c-shape or your heel is down on the floor, it means that you aren’t doing it properly or “sickling”. Instead, what you should do is keep the inside part of your heel facing forward when you tendu your foot to the front. You need to correct this if you want to avoid alignment issues.

Degages – sluggish

This might look like a tendu, except for the fact that your foot brushes off the floor. You will want your degages to be both swift and sharp. Make sure to practice squeezing your inner thighs and buttocks while brushing your pointed feet in and out.

Rond de jambe – Hula hoop hips

While making half circles on the floor with your feet, you will want to keep your leg straight up and your hips square. Every time your leg goes around, make sure not to let your hips open in a circular motion.

Frappe –stomping

When people learn frappe for the first time, most of them stomp their foot against the ground which is a mistake. Instead, they should be striking it. A trick here is to visualise something to help you through the step.

Obviously, there are several more techniques of ballet and an equal number of mistakes with it. If you want to learn ballet in the best possible manner, you need to avoid such mistakes. Most of these ballet classes will be watched by a talent agency in Sunshine Coast so making certain mistakes can easily cost you an opportunity.



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