5 Charging Mistakes Which Maybe Killing Your Smartphone Battery


Long before, there used to be a time when phones needed to be charged twice or thrice a week. Now the situation stands that your ever-reliable smartphone cannot even hold its charge through your regular 9-hour shift.

Indeed, times have changed along with the nature of hand-held smartphones. And today most users have gotten habituated to tethering their device to a wall for hours (even the entire night) so that it lasts one full day. 

However, some tech whizzes believe that our charging approach is wrong, and continuing to do so is only killing the device battery. Here’s a look at 5 charging mistakes which they point out.

  • Charging Your Smartphone the Whole Night

The first and foremost mistake is to never leave your smartphone plugged in the entire night. This is more so if you don’t use chargers that come with your smart device. Leaving it plugged in the entire night exposes the device to excessive heat and reduces its charge-retaining capability.

  • Not Removing the Phone Case When Charging It

In words of tech experts and even technicians offering phone repairs across Footscray– charging your smartphone without removing its cover or case is another grave charging mistake many users make. 

When the phone’s case is not removed while being charged, it only allows the generated heat to stay trapped in the device. This excessive heat exposure only contributes to damaging your device battery, even making it prone to exploding.

  • Using Cheap Chargers from Unreliable Manufacturers

Using generic or cheap-priced chargers from unreliable manufacturers is another charging mistake that contributes to killing your smartphone battery. Simply put, these unreliable chargers don’t feature charging circuits which automatically shuts off when the charge-level reaches 100%. It keeps on charging (a.k.a, overheating the device) making it susceptible to long-term damage.

  • Constantly Overcharging Your Smartphone Several Times A Day

We all are guilty of charging our devices several times a day. And although it may seem necessary considering it juices up your phone, tech experts suggest that you should only charge if the battery level goes below 20%. 

Overcharging your device can seriously shorten the lifespan of the battery and even bring about other unknown operating glitches.

  • Frequently Using a Power Bank or Quick-Charging Device

Another common habit which many users are so accustomed to using whenever their device is low on battery is a power bank or a quick-charging device. As much as it helps provide a sufficing amount of charge to your device (say for 3-4 hours at max), the downside of using them is that it overheats the battery and makes it prone to damage or dying out on you.

Final Say –

Avoid these charging mistakes whenever you look to juice up your smartphone. And if you need battery replacements or professional solutions to unknown problems in your device, consult with reliable technicians offering top-quality phone repairs across Elsternwick, Footscray, and other neighbouring suburbs.

They will inspect your device professionally and restore its lost functionality. And the best part being, they will do it on the same day, at industry-standard rates.



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