5 Defining Qualities Of A Quality Architecture Photographer


Architectural photography is what it sounds! Photography of gorgeous-looking architectural structures, designs and its surrounding.

The quintessential aspect of architectural photography is considering architecture- as an ART, rather than treating it as a building. It is the only way to achieve interesting, skilful and accurate architectural photography.

But, this genre of photography can be very daunting- regardless of whether you are focussing on modernistic constructions or age-old establishments. If you wish to achieve images which awe its viewers and categorises as a stellar piece of art, then the wise choice would be to hire an experienced professional architectural photographer.

Here are 5 defining qualities of a pro architectural photographer.

  • They Will Always Pre-Plan For Optimal Natural Lighting:

The most important part of any form of photography is proper lighting. And architecture photography is no different! They can add drama, bring about flattering lines and even help obscure some details, if necessary!

A diligent and experienced architecture photographer serving in Brisbane will pre-plan for optimal natural light by understanding the position of the sun.



Example- if the sun is positioned in the front, then they will use an evener exposure along with the ambient light. Contrarily, if the sun is behind the infrastructure, they will adjust accordingly.

  • They Are More Adept In Exploring Different Shot Angles:

A popular mode of differentiating one architectural photography from another is exploring different angles. The height at which the shot is taken also matters greatly.

Like for example, taller heights help reduce image distortions, taking shots-looking down emphasises on shapes while taking shots-looking up make buildings look dominating.



These require years of practice and experience, which truth be told, only a professional architectural photographer possesses. Furthermore, they will also have an excellent eye for details such as capturing captivating ceilings, artistic stairways and anything interesting which uplifts the overall feel and aesthetics of the architecture.

  • They Understand The Importance Of Shapes & Lines:

Whether its horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, top-architectural photographers will know how to make the best use of them for their shots.



These lines also have emotional associations such as:-

  • Diagonal lines incite a feeling of movement
  • Vertical lines provide a sense of growth or power
  • And curved lines lend a more natural feel to the images.

Each of them makes the images interesting, and a quality photographer will know how and when to use them appropriately.

  • They Will Use Quality Accessories To Achieve Impactful Images:

A top photographer will always use polarised filters which help control light reflections off water bodies, windows or any reflective surface. Plus, polarised filters make the skies appear brighter and bluer- which only makes the shots more impactful and eye-appeasing.

  • They Will Always Give Importance To Detailing:

An experienced photographer always understands the importance of details. In simple terms- they know how to keep their shots sharp and clarity-filled. To achieve images which meet their standards, they will use a narrower aperture- example- f/8 or even a higher f-stop to achieve the best details in their shots.



To negate the issue of motion blur (especially when using a narrower aperture), they will even use a quality tripod to keep their shots sharp. This is more so when they work during the end of the day or in low-light periods. If the need arises, they will also use a top wide-angle lens for taller buildings.

Last Lines:

Not everyone is able to pull off architectural photography which appeases everyone’s heart. To achieve stellar snaps, always opt for specialists who do architectural photography in Brisbane for a living.

They will capture the real essence of the building and give you results which will make you fall in love with!



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