5 End f Lease Cleaning Points to Consider For Getting the Bond Back Intact


When it comes to end of lease cleaning, many a person would be reluctant to hire a professional. Thinking that they can try their own hands, they refrain from hiring professional cleaning companies and end up making a mess of the entire episode. This, above everything else, costs their bond dearly. And why not? EOL cleaning is an expert’s job and there are a few reasons, why one MUST hire these professionals.

Here on this page, we discuss 5 extremely important points related to end of lease cleaning, which are crucial to getting back the bond intact.

Deep Cleaning

As and when you have reached the end of the lease period, house cleaning indeed becomes a priority. You are expected to hand over the property back to its owner in the condition you received it. That is why deep cleaning is imperative. You need to remove till the last bits and pieces of loose dirt and hair dangles, various forms of dry dust and muddy footprints from the floors, get rid of the stains and dust from the carpets and upholstery, the furniture and other assets that were the part of the property leased out to you. You need to have every nook and crannies of the property dusted in particular, during the end of lease cleaning in Parramatta, as these are the areas where most of the dust accumulates.

Before you hand over the property, you need to make sure that the bathroom is thoroughly cleaned and mopped up. Make sure that every tap and accessory is perfect, the shower glass has been cleaned and so is the toilet and the toilet seat. Make sure that the sewerage system is in perfect condition. Changing bed sheets and pillow covers is a MUST before you leave the rented property. Replacing the dirty bed linens, cleaning the curtains and blinds and vacuuming the mattresses is crucial to get rid of the dirty granules.

Taking care of the small fixtures and fittings

Before you leave you need to take care of the small fixtures and fittings as well. Do not overlook the switches and fans, lights and lampshades and their holders. Pay heed to them and make sure they are in perfect condition. These points matter when it comes to getting the bond intact.

Return every key and household goods 

Before you move out, you must give back every key and that you were given. Do not forget to hand over other household goods like garage remote control or doorbell functionalities that you got from the property owner. These are the minute points that are often overlooked in the hurry of changing the address. Be meticulous and chalk out a plan beforehand to avoid last-minute mistakes. It is best to make a list of items when you get them and preserve the list. This will make it easier to match the items with that list when you have reached the end of the lease period.

Staying present at the final inspection

It is extremely important to be present at the final inspection performed by your landlord’s property manager. This will help you to make amends to any last-minute mistakes and avoid any deduction in the bond amount.

Finally…hiring pros

Well, this is imperative. EOL cleaning might appear easy, but it is not so – to be frank! Hence, the best option is to bestow the responsibility to professionals who are into the end of lease cleaning in Vaucluse. This will minimise the probability of mistakes significantly. The pros of these companies are expert in handling these situations and hence, they make sure you get the bond money back intact at the end of everything!



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