5 Excavation Safety Mistakes To Avoid To Minimise Risks At Worksite


It is essential to follow certain safety procedures during excavation to protect workers and others at your worksite. You must carefully put safety rules and stick to them for the entire excavation job to prevent hazards.

Here are the five excavation mistakes that you must avoid at your worksite to ensure that your workers are safe.

1. Failing to Have a List of Pre-excavation Work to Take Care in Advance

It is vital to take preparations for keeping the excavations secured. When hiring excavation equipment in Brisbane, various pre-excavation tasks are required to be taken proper care so that the site is prepared for excavation. It will ensure you that your worksite is far away from any hazards.

2. Letting Vehicles and Heavy Equipment to Get Closer to the Trench Spot

You must avoid hazards on the excavation site by keeping vehicles and heavy equipment distant from excavation trenches. All the subcontractor and employees working around the excavation site should be informed about the distance vehicles need to be kept to avoid the risk of a trench collapse.

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3. Not Providing Designation to the Staff Member for General Oversight

During excavations, it is always preferable to designate a general overseer who can coordinate the enforcement of safety precautions. It will ensure the presence of dedicated employees who will be focusing on safety and who can provide safety information on the excavation site.

4. Starting the Excavation Without Testing Soil Stability

While choosing for excavator hire in Brisbane, you need to make sure you are running the excavator in stable soil. It is your responsibility to examine the soil of your worksite. It is vital to bring a soil expert to analyse the soil quality before beginning the excavation.

5. Not Providing Safety Wrap Around Pipelines or Any Utility Lines in the Ground

To keep things safe, the best way is to run the excavation near pipelines and other utility lines. Placing safety wraps around the pipelines will help to protect the pipe coatings so that the excavations can be carried out without making any compromises on the strength and integrity of the pipelines.

Hence, you need to apply proper techniques for managing any hazard for maintaining the safety of the employees at your worksite. It is recommended for you to prepare an excavation safety plan so that you and your staff members do face any hazards while running an excavation, also make sure to run the excavation in good quality soil.



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