5 Facts on Home Inspections before Emptying Your Wallet


Home, sweet home!

We all know this familiar phrase and are quite fond of it when we want to get for ourselves a new address and in particular new roof to live under.

But, unlike other least important works, purchasing a property is not that easy thing to do. As a matter of fact, its buying and the other legal stuff associated with it are certainly important, but the operations of pre-purchase inspections in Sunshine Coast carry equal value.

Now, the question is why an investigation should take place. The fact is that whether or not you are adjustable to the homely beauty or the structure of the house does not count in the real game, which is to check the durability, long life and the environmental adaptation of your house that will be giving you the actual ‘happy life’ you dream about.

Now, here comes the fact of the building inspectors. You may have read loads of detective stories and novels in your home, but you usually cannot inspect or deduct the fault of your home unless you are a professional building inspector. These professionals make a significant and impartial judgement on the building you are going to purchase and offer you their quality suggestion aimed towards one and one purpose only – to give you a ‘happy life’.

So, what is the stuff you need to check your home that you are going to buy? Let’s find out.

  1. Corrosion

Corrosion is a major problem in the household you are going to be in the future. Even if you do not want to accept it as a major problem, then it is certainly going to prove itself as an expensive one as you will need to pay a good amount of repairing cost for that.

Check if any sign of water leakage or water penetration is present. These signs mainly appear in the washroom and the wall behind your bathtub.

  1. Defects in the Ceiling

The fact is that the ceiling is one of the most important components in a house. A slight mistake in the formation of it will be termed as a flaw in it. The main problem (apart from others) is sagging.

The ceiling should be plain and should not take a parachute like formation.

To ensure this, you may use a torch or a flashlight across the ceiling and check if any bulge or humps are peering at you from the ceiling surface.

  1. Cabinet Trouble

You must check the cabinet areas. Mainly these areas remain enclosed for a long time and have the possibility to turn into damp. Apart from that, they, being enclosed for too long, can become the breeding ground for some fungus and bacteria that normally do not keep you well.

  1. Are the Walls Well?

You have got to check if the walls are cracked or stained. As a matter of fact, if the cracks appear to be broader or longer than 2 mm, then it can be a serious problem. You cannot speculate the outcome of this fact, but the officers of the building inspections in Sunshine Coast can give you a bit of help.

  1. Roof Should Be Flawless

Well, keep a check on the roofs too. Have a look at the external surface of it and notice for cracks and deflections. Do not forget to check for any lumps or bulges anywhere on the surface of the roof.

There are a lot of reasons you have to consider before preparing to buy a house. Well, if you cannot handle it by your own, then you may need to get pre-purchase inspections in Sunshine Coast. There are many companies these days which offer this kind of services.



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