5 Most Common Misconception about Security Guards That Need To Be Busted


People tend to have a wide range of misconceptions about security guards and companies that hire them. And this has been going for ages, and thanks to the changed social structure and more open and lucid way of modern life, where every legal professional is looked upon with respect, it is high time to bring in a change in that mindset by busting these myths. Here on this page, we discuss some very common myths about security guards and companies.


Myth#1: Every Security Guard has to be Men

People still are of the misconception that all security-related professionals are male-dominated. Yes, it was – in the past, but not anymore. It’s a misconception that has to be shrugged off. When every regular army of all major military powers of the world allows regular female recruits in all three wings – army, air force, and navy, it’s simply unjust to have this idea. The reality is female security guards in Brisbane like in any other city of the world are as successful as their male counterparts and they carry out their responsibility with flying colours.

Myth#2: Security Guards are essentially bodyguards 

This is another misconception that people have regarding security. They think that to be a security guard, one has to be a hulk – in literary sense! Only owners of bodies like Mark William ‘The Undertaker’ Calaway or Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson are hired by companies that offer security service in Brisbane. Again, this is wrong! Yes, one needs to be physically fit and have sharp reflexes, but more than anything else, one will need to have the guts to face challenges, have an eye for detail, and ability to decide in split seconds to excel in this profession.

Myth#3: Security Jobs involve night duties

Wrong!!! Many people think that security jobs are all about night duties and involve keeping a strict vigil on properties. This is wrong as this profession involves not only keeping an eye on properties during the night, but 24×7, and dealing with the public and carrying various other functionalities that are directly or indirectly connected to safety and security.

Myth#4: Security Jobs are too dangerous

A sect of people thinks that the responsibility of security companies in Brisbane or anywhere else is all about taking on the gatecrashers and goons and hence it is too dangerous. It’s wrong! Yes, at times, uncalled for incidents do take place due to some unruly behaviour of a few unscrupulous souls, but fully-fledged violence in a security guards’ career is extremely rare. They have the responsibility to raise alarm in case of any issue and it is up to the authorities to take over the control in these cases.

Myth#5: It does not need any training to be a security guard

This is a dangerous mistake. To be successful security personnel, an individual needs to undergo vigorous training that teaches the person the way to react in different situations. Security is also all about man-management, which is a specialists’ job and the security guards need to have comprehensive training of the same.



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