5 Outdoor TV Antenna Installation Mistakes to Avoid


Are you planning to install the antenna soon? You might be thinking to set up the antenna right at the first attempt.

However, a few common errors may happen while fixing it that may cause issues later and here are the errors discussed below-

  • DIY Jobs: In a lot of places, we see DIY antenna installation. Especially, the doggy installation providers who are not pro in this field may cause poor reception with substandard workmanship, and use low-quality material that can damage the roof or can cause the antenna facing the wrong direction. So, before hiring the professionals, make sure you find local antenna installers in Penrith who can specialise in the technical as well as labour aspects of the installation.
  • Old Antennas: In many places, the old analogue antenna is still used today, despite switching to the digital antenna in 2013. Whereas some digital antenna works fine to pick up the digital signal, some may cause problems. If you’re experiencing poor signal strength, it could be because of an analogue antenna or an old digital TV antenna due for an upgrade. However, it would be better if you consult with outdoor antenna installation experts in Penrith to know the best and cost-effective solution for TV reception.
  • Old Cable: At times the problem is not with the TV antenna. The old and damaged coaxial cable can create a problem, and replacing them with the proper cabling can resolve many TV reception problems. Did you know, substandard cables let you experience loss in signal and can give you patchy video or poor sound quality on the TV?  This type of TV cable runs through the wall, linking your digital antenna up in the roof. A professional can efficiently isolate and fix the problem if they get to know the problem is with the cabling, not with the antenna.
  • Incorrect Use of Amplifier: Amplifiers are great, but if you install an amplifier that’s too strong for your signal needs, then you may experience the signal issue. Reportedly, many homeowners use amplifiers incorrectly by boosting the signals to much.
  • Wrong Antenna Type: When users complain about signal strength problem, it happens due to the purchase of the wrong antenna type for their location. Unless your location is within sight of your local broadcast tower, an indoor antenna is not a good choice. You may need to install an outdoor antenna on your roof- but not the wrong one. The outdoor tv antenna installation in Penrith must match the frequencies of the location. So, hiring a professional is essential who knows about the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) antenna frequency that can get you local TV channels.

So, whether you want to install a new antenna or want to repair the old one, professionals can come for your help to get your antenna fixed without committing any such mistakes have been discussed till now.



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