5 Packing Hacks for Office Furniture Removal to Simplify the Moving Day


If you are planning to relocate the office, then you hire an efficient removal company that has proper experience and knowledge of removing the furniture safely to the new location. However, the removal process is a stressful one. If your removal company does not provide packing services, then you and your staffs need to do the entire packaging. If not done properly, it can create a lot of stress on the final day.

Here are the top packing hacks for your office furniture that will help to simplify the moving day…

Hack 1: Applying Colour-Coding Or Description Notes

Colour-coding and posting description notes might sound simple, but, it can take longer when doing it for office furniture removal. For colour coding the packages, you can get various coloured stickers or permanent markers, and then colour code the furniture. For instance, marking with red for your kitchen furniture, and blue for bathroom furniture. If you have some notes in handy, then label the boxes for correct reference.

Hack 2: Put The Parts Together By Wrapping

To put all the parts together, you need to use small sealing plastic bags. This is an effective solution for sealing all small screws and other dismantled furniture. You can also use plastic wraps for more security. For doing this, you need to grab a few shrink-wrap plastic rolls, and then perform a few wraps around the office furniture. This is one of the most effective ways of packing to secure things like drawers. Moreover, it will prevent from any damages due to water. For better suggestions, you can consult professional office furniture removal in London.

Hack 3: Secure Your Breakables

Nobody wants their things to break during the move. And for preventing breaks and cracks, you can use extra linens and clothing, which will provide extra protection, especially to objects like glass furniture. This technique does wonders in protecting the fragile items.

Hack 4: Strengthen The Cartons

It is better to strengthen the bottoms of the cartons with strong packaging tape. It will be more effective if you use bubble wrap or old newspaper to fill the gap of the cartons with better protection.

Hack 5: Do Smart Packaging

You need to implement smart packaging techniques to ensure that the fragile items are protected from damage. Also, by applying smart packaging techniques, you can ensure that the items do not become too heavy. For smart packing, you can pad the corners of the things before sealing the cartons. If you are struggling with smart packaging, then it is better to hire professionals who provide removals as well as packaging for office relocation services in London.

Therefore, you can implement these effective moving packing tips and tricks for your office furniture removal to lessen the stress on the final day. Make sure to hire a certified removal service provider who provides efficient removal services as well as proper packaging, so that you can be stress-free for your office relocation.



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