5 Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Enjoyable


Any wedding photo booth rental is never completely devoid of a funny backdrop. Besides from adding up more graphical and visual interest to the pictures, the wedding photo booth backdrop adds an extra charm to the overall wedding decoration alongside making it feasible to portray your innovative side. In case you are not sure about starting from where there are numerous firms to assist you in the process. Do check out the following list in order to gain an idea on a perfect photo booth backdrop for your wedding or event reception.

1. Add Some Add Pops with Balloons

The wedding photo booth backdrop in Sydney made out of balloons is definitely an easy, quick, alongside a reasonable way of popping the wedding pictures. Apart from this, balloons are quite versatile, providing an individual with more than one option while deciding upon a specific decision. Lastly, children’s also enjoy and love playing with balloons, thus, making it a perfect prop.

2. Bring in the Playful Tassels

Bringing in a feminine, playful component to the photos by forging a perfect photo booth backdrop out of tassels is a great move. In case, you are willing to keep it even more subtle make use of tassels in order to emphasise on the backdrop. However, you will be having the best photo booth pictures anyway.

3. Be Crafty with the Pinwheels

You just add certain textures as well as colour to the photos with the paper pinwheels. The main benefit is that it comes in every shape, pattern, size, as well as colour you want it to be. Apart from this, pinwheels are relatively inexpensive and thus making the DIY projects a simple breeze. In case you are feeling a bit fancier, you must opt for parasols.

4. Go Green with a Certain Amount of Foliage

You must bring an organic dimension to the décor alongside the pictures with the photo booth backdrop, which integrates foliage. It does not matter if you opt for hanging or hedge garlands, it will definitely offer a subtle contrast to the pictures that will make you stand even.

5. Personalisation of Photos with Green Backgrounds

If you are looking for something different, you must bring a certain variety with green background. The green screen backgrounds are truly astonishing, as it brings the photos to life. Besides this, you can even swap in order to customise the photos, adding up the additional layer of entertainment, which your guests will definitely live to see. You can customise the backdrop from a company that provides a backdrop for hire in Sydney.

Therefore, these are some of the wedding photo booth backdrop ideas to add more fun to your wedding. Also, you can get more options on backdrops from a well-known company that provides photo booth backdrop for hire near your area.



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