5 Precautions to Take That Prevents Grass from Stressing Out


Anyone who owns a lawn as a part of their house is aware of the fact that just the way it gives that wonderful feeling to the eyes by simply being itself, there is a lot of effort that goes into maintaining the lush green effect that it imparts. Grass, just like other plants are known to be equally sensitive to abnormal activities and require care which would keep it intact.

Unlike other plants in the garden that is often left to itself and isn’t disturbed as much, the grass doesn’t encounter the same. You walk on it, the pets stroll and defecate over it, the weather takes a toll on it, and it still has to look green and lush. While it takes in so much, there are times when it gets stressful for the grass, and you must stand by it and take necessary care.

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Avoid Excessive Pesticide Contact

When grass is attacked by pests you have no other option other than spraying pesticides, but excessive use can cause a lot of damage. Professionals for gardening services in Scarborough agree that if there is an accidental spillage or spraying of pesticide in a large amount ensures that you dilute it by spraying water extensively until the effect of the pesticide has subsided. Such poison not just kills the pests but also damages the cells of the grass from deep within.

Pet Urine Is Harmful

Even though you may feel relieved when our pet goes out to the lawn on his own and urinates rather than dirtying the indoors, the grass doesn’t get too happy receiving it. The acids and the waste material that urine contains are known to damage the grass in a wrong way. Therefore, whenever your dog urinates on the grass ensure that you have sprayed the area with a lot of water just to let the urine subside and not have a bad effect.

Allow Minimal Trotting On the Grass

If it is a daily routine for the kids to come over and play a game of soccer, it isn’t something nice for the grass. The trampling of the grass with the foot and that too by numerous feet would lead to soil compaction. When you do not aerate it frequently, you will watch the grass dry off while making you put in added efforts for its revival.

Sharpen Mower Blades before Mowing

Blunt and rusted mower blades do no good to the grass while resulting in the uneven grass and sometimes excessive removal of grass which leaves behind patches. Rusted blades too damage the freshly cut grass while preventing normal growth. When the blades are sharp, the grass is cut evenly while avoiding stress for the grass and its growth.

Look Out For Fungal Infections

If there are newly seeded areas in the lawn, ensure that the seeds are not densely placed or probably overwatered. This would lead to fungal infections while spreading itself all over the lawn. This is something that stresses out the grass and leading to mass damage.



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